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Ask them to replace it/ return it/ refund you

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Q: What can you do if you lend someone something and they do not return it?
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Does lend mean the same thing as borrow?

No, lend means to give to someone; borrow means to have someone give you something that you return after a certain amount of time. For example: I'll lend you my pencil. Can I borrow your pencil?

What is the verb of lend?

Lend is already a verb. For example "to lend something to someone" is an action and therefore a verb.

What does it mean to lend you a hand?

To help with something or to help someone.

What do you get your dad if you have no money?

You get him something home made or ask someone to lend you money

How do you lend something to someone on RuneScape?

You just right click on someone and click trade, if he accepts it will be lended to him.

What is Lend Me on the nook simple touch?

Lend Me is when you can lend someone a book from your nook. But you can only lend that person the book once and you can not lend a book more than once. So once you lend a book to someone, you can't lend it to that person or anyone else again until you get a new nook. The person that you lend the book to has 1 week to accept the lend and then they have 2 weeks to read it. I believe the kindle has borrow it or something like that. Also, lend me is free.

What is the opposite of lend?

The opposite of lend is borrow.If I lend something to you, it means that you borrow it from me.

What does In consideration mean?

It means someone receives something in return for something they are doing.

Is threaten and blackmail the same thing?

no, to threaten someone is to tell them you will do something but to blackmail someone is to tell them you will do something to them if they dont do something in return.

What attitude were the followers of Jesus to have towards lending?

It was to lend and expect nothing in return and to even lend to sinners.

What is the religious meaning of service?

to serve someone without asking something in return for example helping someone in need for nothing in return.

What does presented mean?

Presented means when you get something that you get in return by someone else.

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