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Sometimes it takes a break-up for even couples to realize they really loved each other. In this world today saying, "I love you" almost is treated like a dirty word or "uncool." It's never uncool! Never be afraid to tell anyone you love them because one day it may be too late. I would call her and ask her if she would consider meeting you. Don't push her too hard. Tell her what is in your heart and remember "words are cheap, actions speak." Meaning .... you'd better mean what you are saying to her and make some effort to straighten out and fly right! You've let her down and yourself. We all have made mistakes and we hopefully learn from them, so consider this a mistake (tell her) and that you've learned from it. She just might consider taking you back. If she isn't sure then perhaps some space is needed and why don't you try dating again. You may meet someone else or at best, she may find she does love you after all if she sees you dating. I don't believe in most cases that when you have been in love with someone you can be friends with them. Unless the two have fallen out of love at the same time (highly unlikely) it's just too painful. Good luck Marcy

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