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You may need to make some hard choices. There might be a less expensive school you could attend, such as a state college or community college. You might need to take a leave of absence from school while you work full-time. You can take the time to try to earn some money, make a dent in your student loans, and build your credit rating. In a few circumstances you can make a career commitment for after you graduate in exchange for help with tuition. For example, ROTC programs may help students in certain majors. Medical students can sometimes get help in exchange for working in poverty-stricken areas after graduation. The same is sometimes true for teachers as well. There are always solutions but they are not always easy.

I am sure there are people who have done the same as you, having spent large amounts of money without obtaining the degree. Your loan payments can be deferred while you finish, but you will need to contact your lender to do this. You will need to downsize your lifestyle, work and probably attend school part time. As the writer above stated, looking to donate some time after graduating can have the benefit of having some of your costs absorbed. Definitely, start living on a cash on hand basis and do not charge anything more. If car payments exist, consider moving near public transportation and selling the car.

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Q: What can you do if you want to finish college but have reached your aggregate student loan limit have no co-signer and a poor credit history?
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