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You will need to open a consumer complaint with ChoicePoint and get the accident fault indicator changed to N.A.F.(not At Fault) on your CLUE report. Then notify your Insurance company after your CLUE report is corrected. Then the company will remove the premium impact of an "at fault" accident.

2006-07-25 00:32:50
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Can you get insurance at the scene for a accident?

Trying to get insurance to cover an accident that has already happened is Insurance Fraud, which is a Felony.

What if my current car insurance policy is already expired?

No worries! You can renew your car insurance policy. But insurance company will add more premium on your policy if its expired 45 days before. The insurance company maybe report loss of insurance to your state motor vehicle department. and they may revoke your drivers license. In an accident, you will not be covered by your insurance and if you are responsible for the accident, you may be financially responsible for any damages. If stopped by police they may ask to see proof of insurance, without it you will be ticketed, fined, be unable to drive your car and it would be towed at your expense.

What if you are already injured and have a car accident is the insurance still liable?

Depends on your condition

If person you hit in car accident has already been paid by their auto insurance co. can the insurance co sue you?

They can

If you want to change my insurance and you already toll your insurance company about an accident that is not your foult ca you do it with out afecting you?

I don't want to chance your insurance company but if you do, the accident was not your fault so it does not matter. Just ask your agent this question. He is here to help you.

Can you lose your license with no insurance if you cause an accident?

Yes! You sure can! You have already broken the law to drive without insurance. . . They by YOU yourself causing the accident, you are definitely liable for license removal.

Can health insurance cover the balance of the claim of the car accident?

Yes, your Health insurance can provide coverage for injuries received in an auto accident beyond what may have already been covered through an automobile insurance policy. Your health insurance however is specific to you and the covered persons under your policy. It will not pay for property damage or liabilities for injuries to others.

What is the statute of limitations for a traffic ticket issued in Canada?

there is no statute of limitations on violations that already been ticketed

Do I have to buy extra car insurance if I rent from EZ car rental?

If you already have full coverage auto insurance, there is no need to purchase additional insurance for your rental car. The only event where you would need the insurance from EZ Car Rental, was if you were to get into an accident, they would cover the cost of the time lost for the rental. If you don't purchase their insurance and get into an accident, you will have to pay for the days they are out money for not being able to rent the car out.

Will your insurance rates go up for hitting an animal?

If you make a claim and have comprehensive coverage then you insurance rate may increase slightly. All insurance companies are different, but they are all based on the same system, level of risk to insure and probability of making a claim. By hitting the deer you have increased both these factors. However since it was not an at-fault accident and there is already a deductible to decrease fraudulent claims, your rate should only increase slightly.

Can you put an Insurance claim in on an already totaled auto?

Yes, you can put in an insurance claim for any reason. It is up to them to pay or deny any claim. It will be tough to determine which damage was there prior to any other accident.

What happens if you are in accident and pending cancellation of insurance?

If the policy was "pending cancellation" and had not yet cancelled there is no problem as far as coverage. If the policy was in effect at the date and time of the accident then the company will pay the claim. If it had already cancelled you are in serious trouble.

What happen if you are already disable and you are in a car wreck?

The same as if you were not already disabled. If you were injured or suffered a loss as a result of the accident, you file a claim for the appropriate damages. You do not however, file a claim for those injuries for which you were already declared disabled prior to the accident. To do so would constitute a felony offense and could earn you up to 20 years in prison for insurance fraud.

Can i collect on both sides my insurance and the faulted drivers insurance i have a lien holder on my car a?

No, you can't. When you collect from your insurance company, they will pursue the other driver's insurance because the accident wasn't your fault. When your insurance company finds out that you collected from the other insurance company already, they will come after you. It's called double-dipping and it most likely wouldn't end well.

Can automobile policy issued to cover retroactively?

No. An insurance policy cannot be issued to pay for an accident that already happened. Why in the world would you think that an insurance company would take on a claim that happened before you purchased the policy.

What lien information should be sent to the insurance company for a car that was in an accident?

If you have a lienholder on your automobile, the insurance company should already have their name and address listed on the policy. If you never gave them this information, make sure the adjuster knows this when you speak to him/her.

Do you have to use check from insurance to fix auto?

If you haven't paid the vehicle off, then you must repair the vehicle with the insurance check. If you don't owe a bank anything, you are not required to fix the vehicle. Keep in mind, if the vehicle has unrepaired physical damage and you get in another accident the insurance company will not give you another penny. They are only required to repair the vehicle to the condition it was in prior to the accident. If it was already damaged, they won't give you a dime

How much would a 16 year olds insurance go up if he got in an accident?

well most insurance companies already charge you an arm and a leg if you are under the age of 25 and it is also determined on what kind of car you have. if you have a red sports car and are under 25 you can take it to the bank that your insurance will be sky high. with that said, and regardless of your car type, I would imagine your car insurance would go up greatly since you are under 25 and have an accident on your record.

Can a person sue a homeowner after suing the home insurance company for the same accident?

Generally No. If you have already sued the Home Insurance Company, then you have already sued by default the Homeowner. You can not have sued one without already having sued the other. If a property owner is liable to you for an accidental injury, The home owner may have insurance to cover those liabilities. The insurance company would not be the cause of an accident. If you sue an insured homeowner, their insurance company is only enjoined in the suit by virtue of the coverage provided to their insured home owner who has been sued. The homeowners insurance company may cover the cost of defense of the suit filed against the insured homeowner and may pay awards or judgments up to the limits of the homeowners insurance policy on behalf of that insured homeowner. Bear in mind that the Insurance Company is not liable for an accident, The insurance company may be liable for damages and awards based on assertions and finding of liability on the part of the insured homeowner. If your suit failed (or you Lost the suit), Then that means the homeowner was found not liable for your injuries. If you have accepted a settlement from the insurance company, that settlement will have settled your claims against the homeowner.

Can you get your car registered or get insurance if your license is suspended?

For your safety, wait till the suspension of your driving licence gets revoked.If you are already having a car insurance policy,and your car is entangled into an accident during suspension period, you wont get any insurance claim from the insurance policy. You may also be trapped into police interrogation for driving with a suspended licence.

If your car got hit when parked and at the time of the accident you did not have insurance but did get some soon after can you make a claim?

No. Auto insurance takes effect on the day you start the policy, and like any other insurance, it is too late after an accident has already occurred. Many companies will require that you bring the car for inspection for the very reason of preventing people from making claims for existing damage. Even if this was not required when you started a policy, it would be considered insurance fraud to file a claim for existing damage.

When and how do auto insurance claims impact your auto insurance rate For example I have reported the accident but have not yet made a claim. The other vehicle also may not make a claim.?

First always get a police report, this is reporting. You should always tell your insurance company, in case the other party is trying to commit fraud. (Fraud makes everyones rates higher.) If you have reported the accident to your insurance company you have made already made a claim, if you decide not to have insurance company repair your vehicle, most of the time your rates should not change, this all depends on the insurance companies underwriting guidelines.

Is there any type or form of Health Care Insurance medical insurance a health care system whether it be government sponsored or private that the Philippines offers to its native residents?

yes there are plenty of private health care insurance companies in the philippines. the government also provides health care insurance to its native residents thru PHIC (PhilHealth), Medicare, Redcross, PCSO and many other government institutions. Just recently, even pawnshops are doing healthcare & accident insurance business already. any item you pawn to a pawnshop, you are automatically paying an accident insurance without knowing it,

What can you do if someone hits your car from behind and totals it but you dont have insurance and they do?

If it was their fault, their insurance company will cover the damages of your vehicle. I would hope that the person at fault has filed the claim already but you need to make certain. I also hope that a police report was done at the time of the accident.

What is the statute of limitations on traffic violations in Tennessee?

If you were issued a ticket, there is no statute of limitations. The statute is there to prevent people from being charged with a crime years after it occurred. If you have already been ticketed, you've already been charged.