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In that type of court hearing the judge would decide what affect a parent contesting the emancipation of the minor would have upon the case. In many of the states that allow early emancipation, the minor must have parental permission before filing or hearing the petition, therefore depending on the state where you reside, the issue might not be relevant.

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Q: What can you do if your mom fights the emancipation?
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Why were the effects of the emancipation proclamation limited?

Your mom was freed

Can you move out of your mom's house before you turn 18?

Yes, its call emancipation.

How can you get emancipated if you and your mom and her boyfriend don't get along in Arizona and if you are seventeen?

Arizona has no emancipation statute.

In the America what rights do you have as a teen mom?

Teens who have babies in America do not automatically receive emancipation. The teen mom does have all legal rights concerning her child.

Can 16 year old mom get emancipation in va?

Not because you are a mom. You have to fill the requirements of living on your own, have an income to pay your bills, have a job etc.

Father has legal custody been out of his care for 6 months seventeen in 2 he knows i am staying at my sisters and he provides no support are my chances of emancipation still good if he fights it?

The rules and requirements for emancipation vary from state to state. Those states that do allow emancipation usually take the home situation in to consideration.

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You are 17 your mom lives in Illinois your dad's in Indiana you live with your mom. you are in school and you make 4000 a month you want an emancipation your dad would fight it is it an option?

No dont leave your mom your dad is a crack dealing aloholic stay with your mom she is a nice assassain.

How would you get emancipated without the consent of your mom?

1. You have to live in a state that allows emancipation. 2. They court has to agree that you meet the requirements for emancipation. They don't have to follow the desires of the parents, but they will take it into consideration.

What did the emancipation?

There are many things that an emancipation could be referring to. The emancipation could be referring to the Emancipation Proclamation.

How can you get emancipated if your mom won't sign for it and you have a baby in the state of Tennessee?

In order to get emancipated you have to live in a state that has an emancipation law. Tennessee does not have one.

What are combat fights?

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How did the emancipation proclemation effect the emancipation of minors?

There is no relationship between the two other than they use the word emancipation. The Emancipation Proclaimation deals with slavery. Emancipation of Minors deals with children.

Proclamation of emancipation?

Emancipation Proclimation

What did the declaration of emancipation?

There is no Declaration of emancipation.

What is post emancipation?

After emancipation. Post = after.

How can a fifteen year old in the state of Michigan get emancipated if she has permission from her mom?

She cannot. The minor must be at least 16 to petition for emancipation in the state of Michigan.

If you get emancipated from your mom does that mean you get emancipated from a father who does not have custody of you?

A court order of emancipation must consider all persons with a parental interest in order to be valid.

If you are 16 and live in Illinois and want to move in with your mom in Missouri without your dad's permission how can you get emancipated?

What you've described is a custody issue, not an emancipation issue (emancipation means that you live on your own and support yourself). Mom needs to petition the court for custody. At your age you'd be allowed to state who you would rather live with, and the judge will take your wishes into consideration when making the final decision.

What part of speech is emancipation?

Emancipation is a noun.

Does your mom still have to sign your emancipation papers if you are 2 months pregnant and you are 16?

Yes. The fact that you got pregnant is not a good sign for emancipation. The court may not believe that you are responsible enough act or be treated as an adult, and may decide that your parents still need to be financially responsible for you.

I am a Teen mom and I want to Divorce my mom and move in with my baby's dad Can I do that?

No, but if you are 16yo and live in a state that offer 16yo's a early emancipation you can apply for that as long as you fulfill the requirements. Having a child is not a reason for emancipation they will accept. You will have to have a way to support yourself and handle school and many other things. And if you are 17yo it's better to wait because you will most likely have turned 18 before the case is over.

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Does Florida have emancipation laws?

Florida has emancipation laws. Emancipation means the act of removing disabilities of nonage. By emancipation, an person will be given all the rights and responsibilities of an adult.