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Visit the Willis (formerly the Sears) tower, or the John Hancock building. Go to Milenium Park. Shop at one of the many many wonderful places to shop. Go to a sporting event such as: the Blackhawks, Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, or Bears. Go to a concert.
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Why is Chicago called Chicago?

Chicago means, "wild onion" because of the Indians that used to live there many, many years ago when it was still prairie land.

Where is Chicago?

Chicago, Illinois is located just west of the southern tip of LakeMichigan. Also, it is located on the northeastern border ofIllinois and the northwestern corner of Indiana.

Is it hot in Chicago?

Answer . Typically, we see high temps into the 90's. Being right next to Lake Michigan, it gets very humid. Occasionally, we see 100+.

What is Chicago known for?

IT is known for being called "the windy city" also it is known for the Chicago cubs. DA BEARS! Go Bears win the rest of em. Pull it together guys. Walter Payton the best running back ever. And I don't want to hear it from you cowboys fans. Emmit played with a badass offensive line. Walter play ( Full Answer )

What county is Chicago in?

Almost all of Chicago lies in Cook County. A small section of O'Hare Airport (which is part of Chicago) is in DuPage County. .

What is curfew in Chicago?

Chicago's curfew law requires children under the age of 17 to be accompanied by a parent or guardian over 18 after 10:00pm Sunday-Thursday and 11:00pm on Friday and Saturday. The curfew ends at 6:00am the following day.

What does Chicago mean?

Chicago means " land of stinky onions" from a native American tribe. It is a really weird meaning for the famous Windy City! Wild Onion in the Miami-Illinois language.

What is the meaning of Chicago?

The name Chicago is derived from the local Indian word chicagoua for the native garlic plant (not onion) Allium tricoccum . This garlic (in French: ail sauvage ) grew in abundance on the south end of Lake Michigan on the wooded banks of the extensive river system which bore the same name, chi ( Full Answer )

Where did he live in Chicago?

There are several places a person can live in Chicago. People canlive in the suburbs, in downtown Chicago, or on Lake Michigan.

Melbourne to Chicago?

If you are asking for distance, it is 9650 miles (Approx.). Note that this is a straight distance between the twoplaces. The actual distance may vary according to the flight path or road/sea routechosen.

Are there bloods in Chicago?

there isn't an official blood gang..there are small subsections in the almighty people nation that are associated with bloodz as you know it...ex: vicelords, black p. stone nation, 69th, etc.....

What country is Chicago in?

Chicago is located in the state of Illinois in the country of the United States of America. Chicago is located primarily in Cook County, although a small part is located in DuPage County.

Chicago in the 1930s?

The city of Chicago, IL was a violent and corrupt place in the1930s. It was the midst of the Great Depression and organized crimebosses like Al Capone wielded much power.

What to do in Chicago?

Go to the Navy Pier. Or ifyour there during the summertime go to the Taste of Chicago. MILLENIUM PARK! There's also a lot of nice restuaunts. I know a Latin resturaunt called Carnivale. Good food! Swim in Lake Michigan, or you can go to the Navy Pier and take a cruise on Lake Michigan. Shedd Aquariu ( Full Answer )

Where is Chicago in the US?

It's located in northeastern Illinois, which is near the central part of the the country. It is on the southwest shore of Lake Michigan.

Abbreviation for Chicago?

There is no real abbreviation for Chicago. However, it couldpossibly be abbreviated as "Chic." if an abbreviation is absolutelyneeded.

What is the papulation of Chicago?

The city itself is between 2.8 and 2.9 million. The Chicago metro area is around 9 million people, plus or minus a half million depending on the source and definition of the region.

How cold does Chicago get?

It varies. Chicago tend to be fickle. I remember this January it was about -10, but that's not an everyday thing. it's usually around 30 degrees in January. The question is: How cold does Chicago, IL get? I'm born and raised in Chicago and the winters are cold and brutal. It's something you simply ( Full Answer )

Where can you get a massage in Chicago?

Albertson Steve Massage Therapy, Tranquil Wellness Massage, andBarbara's Massage are examples of massage parlor in Chicago.Allenushka Massage is another example of the massage parlor inChicago.

What is the Chicago academy?

The Chicago Academy is a high school on the West side of chicago. Located around Austin and Addison. It's a newer school around 4 years in the running. Its the old junior Wright college.

What continent is Chicago on?

Chicago is a city in the state of Illinois, which is in the country of the United States, which is on the continent of North America.

Who is Chicago Ted?

In the game on the wall of a safehouse in the Mercy Hospital, the words "NO ZOMBIE IS SAFE FROM CHICAGO TED" is written below people describing how long they believe it takes for the virus to take hold. This is an obscure reference to a piece of graffiti coming from Chicago in which a man wrote on ( Full Answer )

What is the symbol of Chicago?

The most popular symbol of Chicago is its flag. The Chicago flag consists of a two horizontal light blue stripes layered on a white flag. In between these two blue stripes are four six-pointed red stars. Each star represents a significant part of Chicago's history and each point represents a unique ( Full Answer )

Is there another Chicago?

No. There's a North Chicago, West Chicago, East Chicago, New Chicago, and Port Chicago-but there's only one Chicago.

Chicago is in which country?

Chicago is a city in the state of Illinois, which is located within the continent of North America (United States)..

Why did the Chicago Bears move to Chicago?

Why? Money shortage in 1920 because of a recession forced them to move from Decatur, IL: George Halas was hired in 1920 by A. E. Staley of the Staley Manufacturing Co. (whose primary product was cornstarch) to form both a football and a baseball team for the company. In order to find opponents, Hala ( Full Answer )

Is there a Old Chicago in Chicago?

There is one in one suburb, but none in the city. In the city there are, however, many authentic (and better) taverns/restaurants of the type that Old Chicago was modelled after.

Who named Chicago Chicago?

The man who gave the name Chicago to Chicago, goes by the name of Scootsman Pepperfield. He also invented shoelaces.

What is llinois to Chicago?

The City of Chicago is located within the boundaries of Cook and DuPage Counties which are located within the boundaries of the State of Illinois which is located within the boundaries of the United States of America which is located within the boundaries of the continent of North America.

Is ludacris from Chicago?

From Champaign (Illinois, same state that holds Chicago), He moved to Atlanta Georgia aged 9.

What is the state of Chicago?

Some of it is very nice. Other places are a mess as with most cities. Apart from that it is in Illinois.

What is the captical of Chicago?

Chicago is a city in Illinois. Cities do not have capitals. States do. The question you want to ask is, what is the capital of Illinois?

Is Chicago and Chicago ridge the same?

They are different. The Village of Chicago Ridge is a southwest suburb of the City of Chicago. It is a completely separate municipality.

Why did Chicago rebuild after the Chicago fire?

Perhaps because a four square mile park built on ashes and rubble in the center of the city seemed to be a poor Real Estate investment at the time. It is also an American tradition when given Lemons to make Lemonade. It was a chance to make a new start while correcting the errors of the past decad ( Full Answer )

How do you get from Chicago to Honolulu?

You schedule a flight through American, United, Delta, or Continental Airlines. Then, on the schedule departure date for your flight you board the airplane in Chicago. You will probably have to switch planes in San Francisco, CA. After you switch planes you will be in the 2nd airplane for almost 5 h ( Full Answer )

Are there crips in Chicago?

There are no Crips nor Bloods in Chicago, IL. The Folk & People Nation gangs are the only gangs in Chicago, IL. Crips are NOT in the Folk Nation nor are Bloods in the People Nation. Real Crips DON'T ride the 6 nor do real BLOODS ride the 5...... To answer your question NO there are NO Crips and th ( Full Answer )

What to do Chicago?

Here are some things to do in Chicago . Go to water tower place and Michigan Ave. . Go to Navy Pier . Go to the sears tower . Go to a play (Wicked, Mary Poppins, etc.) . Have tons of food!!!!

Where can you get Chicago credit?

I am not sure if I understand your question, but perhaps you are wanting to know what credit unions are in the Chicago area. If this is what you wanted to know, there are many such as United Credit Union, Access Credit Union, Alliant Credit Union and SourceOne Credit Union. I hope this helps.

Is shake it up Chicago in Chicago?

No, it takes place in L.A if you look at Bella Thorne's twitter it says she lives in L.A they just pretend it's in Chicago. Which is what most shows do.

Where is Chicago Michigan?

The city of Chicago is located on the southwest shore of LakeMichigan, but there is no city of Chicago in the state of Michigan.

Does Chicago have boroughs?

I will assume a New Yorker is asking this question. No, Chicago does not have boroughs. But cluster areas of Chicago do have a distinct NY borough like flavor. Just like NY, Chicago has neighborhoods with names and often times with a certain "flavor". I would compare areas of Chicago to NY like the ( Full Answer )

What is latitude for Chicago?

-- 159 th Street at Chicago Heights. . . . . . . . . . .. 41.5061° North -- 76 th Street at Pulaski. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . 41.7550° North -- Center of the playing surface at Soldier Field . . . 41.8623°North -- Southwest corner of Ohare Terminal 3. . . . . . . . 41.9757°No ( Full Answer )

Does Chicago get tornadoes?

Yes. Contrary to popular belief Chicago does get tornadoes.Fortunately, no major tornadoes have hit Chicago proper in livingmemory.

Can you have a handgun in Chicago?

I believe there are many areas of Chicago that are "GUN FREEZONES." Most schools & university campuses across the US arealso Gun Free Zones. One would have to know the specific areas in Chicago that aredeclared Gun Free Zones. As many proponents of conceal carry will point out, law-abidingcitizens ( Full Answer )

Is Chicago a pronoun?

No, the word 'Chicago' is a noun , a word for a place. The noun 'Chicago' is a proper noun, the name of a specific place. A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in asentence. The pronoun that takes the place of the noun 'Chicago' is it . Example: Chicago is not the capital but i ( Full Answer )