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You will need two wireless adapters. Then you should go to the option Wonder Gift on Mystery Gift. I don't know what to do from there, though.

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What does the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Emerald do?

You get another game ruby,sapphire,emerald and use cables to link and use the mystery gift and u get the mystic ticket once u do tat

Do you need a friend for mystery gift in emerald And can you activate the mystery gift more than once?

Yes u need a friend for the mystery gift.U can only activate it once but use it as many times as u want.

How do you get rid of the mystery gift feature on Pokemon pearl or diamond?

You can't. Once you do Mystery Gift, the only way is to delete you game and start over...

How do you get rid of mystery gift on Pokemon Crystal?

i dont think you can once you have it you cant get rid of it

What does the mystery gift do in Pokemon Pearl?

The mystery gift can get you rare Pokemon and items you normally can't get inthe game. once you completed the steps you are following, go to the poke mart in anywhere. He will give you the gift. Remember to save after! enjoy!

How does the mystery gift work in Pokemon diamond?

once you have gone to the person on the third floor on jubilife tv save, turn of then back on and mystery gift will be available to you click on it then go to receive mystery gift and then go to receive from friend

What is the Mystery Gift Phrase For Pokemon Silver Soul?

Once Professor Oak gives you the Pokedex towards the beginning of the game, Mystery Gift will be available at the main menu of the game.

When you have obtianed the mystery gift on Pokemon what do you do?

When you get the mystery gift, you must save. You must also have a WIRELESS adapter for it. Restart the game boy, and put in the wireless adapter. Go to the mystery gift at the beginning of the menu. It should be called "Wonder Gift" Once you get in there. Just go from there. =]

How to get mystery gift on Pokemon Ruby?

To enable the use of Mystery Gift in Pokemon Ruby, you must travel to Petalburg city and walk into the Pokemon center. There should be a boy with dark-coloured hair near a PC; talk to him and he will ask you for your profile - Select yes and type in "MYSTERY EVENT IS EXCITING". Enter this phrase and Mystery Gift will be enabled once you save and turn off the power. Link with other people to receive your Mystery Gift/Event.

How can you open the mystery gift in platinum?

Once the Mystery Gift is activated, walk/run/bike to the nearest Poke-Mart. Once you walk inside, you will see a guy in green standing next to the counter. Walk up and talk to him. Once you're finished talking, he will hand you a package. If it's a Pokemon, the Pokemon will join your party. If it is a mystery gift where you're handed an item, like the Secret Key or Oak's Letter, your character will store it in the Key Items pouch of your bag. That's how you open the Mystery Gift.

How do you get to island 8 and 9 on Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen?

you need to get the mystery gift. the way you can get it is by going to any Pokemon mart and write LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL on the paper. you will get the mystery gift once you save. but you need the gameboy wireless adapterto use it.

Can you duplicate Pokemon on Emerald more than once?

Yes, you can duplicate Pokemon on Emerald more than once.

Can you use the mystery gift more than once?


Can you get the same Mystery Gift twice in Pokemon SoulSilver?

No, you cannot download the same Mystery Gift in Pokémon SoulSilver since a Mystery Gift's download is tied to the game's save file however there is a way that you can get multiple of the same Mystery Gift since you would need to have 2 games that can trade with one another, you can use a game such as SoulSilver for example to download the gift, pick it up in the game and then download it to another game and then once you delete the game's save file you can download the gift once again.

How do you get mystery gifts in SoulSilver?

in the first pokecenter . the girl with blonde hiar Improved by Belovin: wrong, go to the main screen and scroll down. it say "mystery gift". then go from there. once uv received your mystery gift go to a Pokemon center and talk to the messenger guy.

Why do you still have mystery gift as an option when you already have a mystery gift?

Mystery Gift always remains as an option once unlocked because there can be multiple Mystery Gifts that can be sent to you through Nintendo events even if you already have 1 or 2 of them already.

What do you do with the mystery gift once you have it?

I don't know. That is a mysterious question.

How do you get 'member card on Pokemon pearl once you have mystery gift?

You have to go to a Nintendo event then they give you the member card. But, there hasn't been an event for that.

How do you get mystery gift once you've talked to the guy in jubilife tv station?

You have to wait for a Mystery Event in the real world where you can go and download the gift there.

How do you get in the harbour inn on Pokemon Diamond?

You have to get a Mystery Gift or a cheat device like, Action Replay or Gameshark. To get in there you have to have a Key Item called a Membership Pass. Once you get in there you can catch a Pokemon named Darkrai.

How do you get the mysteryy event in LeafGreen?

At any Pokemon Mart, fill out the questionare on the counter. Go to ABC mode and do "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL". Now, you have a Mystery Gift. To get the Mystery Gift, restart your game and press Mystery Gift on your Title Screen. Make sure you have Internet Connection but anyway, once you get the Gift (The Aurora Ticket) take it to the Vermillion Harbor and that way, you go to Deoxys's Birth place where you can catch Deoxys.

Where is the mystery gift on soul silver?

go to the main menu tap mystery gift tap receive gift tap Nintendo wfc then once you have it go to the pokemart and talk to the green dude

How do you send the mystery gift to a friend if the friend went to the main menu clicked the mystery gift and clicked get from friend on Pokemon platinum?

From the title screen select "Mystery Gift" Choose "Check card" Click "A" On the desired card and a menu will appear. Choose Share(If the card is shareable) and click "A" Not all cards are shareable and I believe they may only be shared once.

How do you acess mystery gift in Pokemon leaf green?

First you need to have a wireless adapter, second of all go inside a pokemart and check the little paper near the cashier, put in the lines "link together with all" the cashier says he will let you access mystery gift once you save your game. Save your game then turn it off and now you can access mystery gift.

How do you activate mystery gift in Pokemon emerald it says my wireless adapter is not connected and whats a wireless adapter and where can you get it?

you can buy a wireless adapter at gamestop for like three bucks, and once you do that, you need a friend with a wireless adapter to set it up. in order to activate the mystery gift, go to a pokemart, any will do. look for a little note pad. walk up to it and press a. when the screen comes up, enter link together with all. then the shopkeeper will say a short message, and every time you start up the game, you will see a bar that says mystery gift.