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If he is stalking you, a restraining order might be a good start.

You first need to contact either your local police station or a lawyer. Ask them what they can do to help you keep him away. Document ANY disturbances. Do not answer his calls. Keep a log of everytime he calls or shows up where you are. You will most likely have to start with an order of protection before you can file for a restraining order. Tell your friends and family what is happening!!!!! You may need a safe place to stay in the middle of the night!!! If you are in school together, go to a trusted teacher and tell them what is happening. Tell them you need your classes changed to avoid him. DO NOT THINK IT WILL JUST GO AWAY. And, as much as it sucks, try avoid being alone at home or at least have friends agree to call and check on you at different intervals. Find a therapist that specializes in women's issues.

You MUST AVOID all contact with him...otherwise you may find yourself arrested, even if you are defending yourself. Also, if you think you can talk sense into him, on paper to the courts it will look bad. AVOID HIM. Contact your police (or an attorney if you can afford it.). Tell people close to you what is happening. AND DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF.


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Q: What can you do to get a crazy ex-boyfriend away from you?
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