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A good idea is to take one of those round metal tooth picks (as seen at the dentist) smother it in toothpaste and apply it to the chipped area. after take a mouth wash (for ex. listerine) and put a few drops on the toothpaste you put on a second ago. wait about a minute, then swish some water around your mouth and spit it out, scrub of the extra toothpaste with your tooth brush and swish some watter or mouth wash in your mouth for final cleaning.

if when you chew with this tooth and it hurts go to the dentist as soon as you can to see if you can get it fixed or removed.

hope this helped!

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Q: What can you do to help a chipped tooth before you go see the dentist?
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What is school dentist?

school dentist is when yo are a dentist for schools and that yo help with tooth pain , loose teeth and so on

Is your tooth extraction infected?

A tooth extraction can get an infection. A dentist or doctor will have to prescribe antibiotics to help clear the infection.

How do you get rid of pain from a broken tooth?

If you have an exposed nerve, only a dentist can help you with that.

Could semen help cure a tooth ache or help reduce any kind of pain?

No it's not. See a dentist.

Tooth Implanted?

form_title=Have a Tooth Implanted form_header=A dentist can help you implant any missing teeth. Describe the work that needs to be done:=_ Do you have dental insurance?= () Yes () No When was the last time you visited a dentist?=_

What to do for a sore tooth?

You need to go and see a Dentist. However taking an analgesic or applying oil of cloves will help till you can get to your dentist's appointment.

What happenes when you have a baby tooth taken out at the dentist and does it hurt and also how big is the injection in your mouth please help?

you receive a dollar from the tooth fairy...and the tooth grows eventually

How can you cure tooth abscess?

A dentist will usually prescribe you antibiotics (to help reduce the infection). Then you may need the tooth removed. Which does cure the abscess.

What are some ways to prevent tooth decay and gum disease?

you can get tooth mousse from your dentist/orthodontist or use a flouride rinse every night, these will help but u still have to brush after every meal. you can get tooth mousse from your dentist/orthodontist or use a flouride rinse every night, these will help but u still have to brush after every meal.

What could have caused a tiny hole in my tooth I was just at the orthodontist and he didn't say anthing about it. I was also just at the dentist a few weeks ago and they didn't notice a hole?

You got a cavity or chipped it some how and the doctors didn't notice it. Heat up a needle with a flame & jab it in the hole. That will help prevent infection. If you feel a tiny burn, than you should get if filled like a cavity at the dentist.

Is clover oil good for tooth ache?

It can help, but you need to see a dentist to get to the "root" of the problem.

Can a dentist prescribe steroid?

Yes if during removal of a tooth or teeth part of the bone has to be removed, the Dentist can prescribe steroids to help the socket and bone to heal.

Help dealing with pain from tooth infection with no insurance?

Tooth pain will usually not go away if it is caused by extensive decay. In that case, the only answer is to go to the dentist. It may not be as expensive as you think, to get the tooth pulled. Usually the dentist will charge around $80 for an extraction (depending on region where you are) and something similar for the exam. Beats having a toothache. See your dentist if the pain persists

What does an dental implant dentist do to help your teeth?

A dental implant is a very common procedure in which your current tooth is removed and replaced with a replica, which will help stop the decay of the bad tooth from spreading to others.

You have chipped your two front teeth half way and got them rebuilt Now a year after the accident your one tooth is becoming really sensitive you don't know if it's chipped can anyone help?

IF it's sensitive, the root may be dieing. A few years ago in the pool against the edge I chipped half my tooth (got it bonded). I have to look out for sensitivity as well. If its dieing, easy fix. You can get a root canal and then see from there.

What over the counter medicine is good for an infected tooth?

Nothing but a trip to the dentist will help if it infected as you say.

Why does salt water help toothache?

Salt water draws out bad fluid that is surrounding the tooth dentist's also give this to patients who just removed a tooth good to help keep gums clean.

What if the gum does not grow back when tooth is pulled?

well you will have a crooked gum for your life nobody can help. A dentist might

Will naproxen stop a tooth ache?

Naproxen may help with tooth ache pain but does not treat any causal conditions. Any recurrent toothache ought to be discussed with your dentist.

What will take the swelling down from an abscess tooth?

You can take Nurofen to help reduce the swelling from a tooth abscess. You will also need to get an antibiotic from your dentist which will not only help bring the swelling down but will also clear up the infection.

How will a dentist treat a baby tooth with a massive hole in it?

The answer to this depends on a lot of factors - especially the age of the child and how close that tooth is to falling out naturally. If this is your baby, please have your pediatrician talk to a dentist, or talk to him yourself. There are usually people in dental clinics who can help you sort it out. The answer could be anything from nothing, to pull it, to cap it - only your dentist knows for sure!

Will vodka help a tooth infection?

vodka may help in that you may not notice the pain of a tooth infection as much, but it will not cure the infection. You will need an antibiotic to assist with that. Please see your dentist. Tooth infections may become severe and affect other parts of your body, such as your jaw or your heart.

You broke off a piece of your lower right back tooth below the gumline Will you be able to save the tooth?

The piece that broke off I don't think you could save, but if you have some tooth left, I belive you could get a filling or something. It also depends if it was an adult tooth. If it wasn't, then you don't have to worry. But if it is, then I think you should go see a dentist soon and see if they can help fix the tooth in any way. a dentist couldn't possibly answer this question

24 Hour Emergency Dentist?

When tragedy strikes and a tooth is knocked out, chipped or broken, a 24 hour emergency dentist can help repair the damage. Many times, a dentist can save a tooth or prevent unnecessary pain if contacted at the onset of trouble.Why use a 24 hour dentist?Just as a patient would visit an emergency room for a broken leg in the middle of the night, those with dental emergencies should seek professional care whenever they suffer a broken, chipped or missing tooth or are experiencing severe pain. Emergency dentists usually have offices of their own, so they are currently practicing dentistry and are experienced in dealing with a variety of dental issues.Where to find a dentistBefore an emergency even occurs, patients should consult with their regular dentists to see if these professionals offer emergency services. If not, visiting can help locate a dentist who is always on call. The website is easy to use, and all it takes is entering one's zip code to start the search for a dentist. In some cases, dentists may have a mobile service which means they can come to a patient's home to help with a problem. Scheduling an emergency visit is not cheap, but many dentists are willing to work with patients and their insurance providers who usually cover these services.If someone is experiencing any unexplained pain in the mouth, it is a smart idea to immediately schedule a dentist appointment to prevent a minor injury from turning into a medical emergency. Rather than suffering with the pain of a mouth injury, those with damaged teeth or gums should contract the services of a 24 hour dentist. An emergency dentist can diagnose problems, provide care, stabilize a patient and prescribe pain medication to hold a patient over until the patient can see the regular doctor.

Can a tooth be extract if a gum is swelling?

Typically a dentist will not do the procedure until the swelling goes down. The dentist will usually prescribe an antibiotic first, to help bring down the swelling and reduce any pain.