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Besides paying your debts off or filing bankruptcy if you are unable to pay off these debts there is nothing you can really do to clear them from your credit report. Most debts stay on your credit report for seven years.

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How can you get a loan with 470 credit score

Monique's previous credit card balance is 199.26 and she has a monthly finance charge of 1.5 How much will the credit card company assess in finance charges on this balance

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Q: What can you do to help clean up debts on your credit report?
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Does it help your credit to setlle your debts?


What can clean credit report services do to help your credit?

They can help other companies know you have a history of good credit, helping you get better deals on insurance and stuff. Basically it saves you money.

Will contacting an experian credit expert help you improve your credit score?

No contacting an experian credit expert will not help you improve your credit unless you have discrepancies on your report. Which would consist of things you have not purchased, or addresses you have not lived at. They can only tell you what is on your credit report the improving need to come from paying off back debts and creating new lines of credit.

Can people on social security get help with credit debts?

The answer is 'No". Social Security benefits are to help those on retirement with help for everyday living costs, like food and/or rent. They do not help with credit debts.

Where can I get help to repair my credit fast?

I don't now but I can get your credit report are check your credit report for errors

How can credit reference agencies help?

Credit reference agencies can help you identify any mistakes that appear on your credit report. By checking your credit report for free once a year you can notify credit agencies of any errors on your credit report and have them resolved before it effects your credit score.

Where is it possible to order a free credit report?

There are different places on the internet where you can order a free credit report, and also representatives and professionals that can help you acquire a free credit report.

How can someone monitor their credit report?

One can monitor their own credit report online. Websites like Equifax, Experian, and Transunion offer a free credit report once a year for users to help monitor their credit report.

Where can one find information on a credit report?

To find information on a credit report, you can go online and asks websites like Equifax or Consumer Products to help you with your credit report troubles.

How do you raise your credit score fast?

The best way to quickly raise your credit score is to pay off all debts. Another thing that will help it to not drop is to pay debts on time.

Where can someone get a free credit card report?

One can get a free credit card report by going to your local bank and requesting one. A dedicated agent will help you prepare your finances for the credit report.

How does one request a free credit report from Equifax?

One can request a free credit report from Equifax by going to their website and selecting free credit report. A dedicated agent will help you set up your account.

Where can you find a transunion credit report?

To get a TransUnion credit report you can go directly to their website and fill out an application for a report. You can also find many companies that will help you get your credit report from all 3 major credit agencies for a small fee. Most even have a free trial!

Where can someone find help on how to fix their credit report?

I was so down when my credit rating was bad. I need someone to help me. Good thing that a saving grace lend me a hand. now im back on my feet and I just want to share this to.. cut wi (Just remove the space between)

If a credit card company refuses to give you information to help clear your credit report do they have to remove it from your report?

Read the Fair Credit Billing Act. Also your user agreement.

What is the purpose of a credit report?

To help banks determine if people should be given a loan or credit card

What is purpose of credit report?

To help banks determine if people should be given a loan or credit card

How does credit council really work?

Credit Counseling agencies help the economy by educating people on how to effectively pay off their debts.

What services does the Credit Corp Group Limited offer?

The Credit Corp Group is a debt assistance organization. They can help customers manage their debts by finding an appropriate repayment solution. They also can consolidate multiple debts.

How do you get medical bills off your credit report?

There are services that can help get things off of your credit report. One that I know of that offers a free credit review is Total Credit Care. The website is Best of Luck to you!

What are some free ways to clean up your credit?

Answer: If you check your credit report, you can challenge anything that seems to be incorrect. That's the ONLY way to "clean up your credit" for real. Answer: There are plenty of non-profit agencies available to help you get out of dept. Avoid paying anyone to do this for you. Basically, they will help you find a way to optimize your debt repayment so that you can rebuild your credit. There is really no other way that works to eliminate bad debt.

What's the purpose of a credit report?

To help banks determine if people should be given a loan or credit card

How does one obtain Experian credit reports?

To get a credit report go to the website for Experian. They have all the forms and paper work to fill out to apply to get a credit report. They also have a help section to answer any questions.

What are some companies that can help a person get their debts settled?

There are a variety of companies that can get a person settle their debts. Some companies include the following: Debtmerica, Costa Credit Solutions and CuraDebt.

Why isn't my defaulted student loan on my free credit report?

Some lenders report to one or two credit agencies, others report to all three. Have you checked all three reports? If you need help with your defaulted student loans, this company can help you: