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What can you do to make your nails grow faster?


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Well, yo run all your nails under cold water and then put in front a COLD not warm fan.... COLD fan! do that about three times!


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if you cut underneath your nails and then dip them in citric acid it should make them grow faster

No. In fact there isn't much you can do at all to make your nails grow faster.

Experts say that nothing makes your nails grow faster but biotin makes your nails stronger.

yes your finger nails grow faster when your sick

nails grow faster at the beach because salt water[ocean water] makes your nails irich and that helps them grow faster

your nails will grow at the same rate if you cut them but if you want to make them longer you can put your nails in chlorine for 5 minutes a day to make them longer.

No,if you bite your nails they will grow slower.

To make nails grow faster, I take a multivitamin supplements and eat yogurt every day.

Take vitamin E or pre-natal vitamins...they help hair and nails grow, and helps make your skin healthier.

No, they should grow as time passes, though!

You can't but if you soak them in water they will grow a little faster.

The finger nails grow faster because your finger nails have more calcium than yourtoe nailsSarah

Your nails grow faster in the summer than in winter.

This is completely a myth! Tapping your fingernails only annoys people around you. It will not make your nails grow at all. It will not affect how fast your nails grow!

Actually your finger nails grow 4x faster than your toe nails!!!!!!!!spaxton21- OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? MINE IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE!!!

No because hair and nails and just dead skin cells.

Yes they grow faster in the winter:)

Fake nails don't make your nails grow faster, you're probably noticing the growth because you don't notice regular nail growth, while having a fake nail on top provides a reference point to just how much the nails have grown.

nail polish is to make your nails look attractive, it generally did not have any effect on their growth

It helps your blood flow towards the nail beds making them grow

biotin (in certain vitamins) definitely helps grow hair and nails

Using your fingers will stimulate the blood flow to your nail beds. This will cause your finger nails to grow faster. Activities such as typing, tapping your fingers onto a hard surface (such as a table top), or playing piano for several minutes each day will create adequate stimulation to help your nails grow faster.

How to make your nails grow? The way to make your nails grow dont eat them like crazy or buy a polish that makes nails grow in family dollar or any drug store

The index finger nails grow faster than fifth finger. In humans nails can grow up to 0.12 inches a month.

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