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i got the answer. Put baking soda on the bump. Dont put too much, or it won't work. Just lick your finger, put it on the bump, and wait a minute or two without licking it. It may sting or hurt. But you shouldn't drink any thing for at least five minutes, or you will swallow it and that wont be good. So go with that! Bye!

Holly R.

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What could a big bump be on the bottom side of your tongue?

Hi, You could of bitten your tongue and caused a sore or it may be a large mouth ulcer.

Where do you find the guy in Pokemon white that teaches a move when you give him a heart scale?

next to the big purple rock that was yellow flowers and has a big bump on it haha

What can big itchy red bumps on arms be if its not a bug bite?

i can't answer it unless i ask you - are they red around them and white on the actual bump?

How big is a butte?

A butte can get as big as a mountain or as small as a bump.

How big is a camel's tongue?

A camels tongue is 43cm long

Your paratakeet has a bump i need to know what should i do?

My Bugdie had a big red bump on its back. We had to put it down.

How big is a hippos tongue?

20 inches is the size of a hippo's tongue

How big would a pregnancy bump be at 7 weeks?

At 7 weeks you are likely not to have any noticeable bump, especially if it is your first pregnancy. However, you might have a small bump but it would be unlikely to be big enough for people to tell you're pregnant. If you do have a bump it's likely just to be bloating.

Did Ashlee Simpson have plastic surgery?

Yes, Ashlee Simpson has gone under the knife for a Nose Job, also known as the Rhinoplastyto remove a big bump from her nose.

What if a yellow lady bug bites you?

You have a big bump

In the sims 2 when the female sim gets pregnant and gets her baby bump can you choose how big the baby bump can be?


I just got a tongue piercing about 3 or 4 days ago and my limphnodes are swollen and there is a white ring around the balls and there is a big ugly white sore on the bottom of my tongue?

the white ring around the ball is normal ,hatt doesn't really matter.the big white sore under you tongue is most likely from eating dairy products, youu are not ment to be eating yogurt, cream, ice-cream or dirnk milk and dtuff like that.go back too the place you got it pierced at and justt dubble checkk whatss happening with it.

How big is a human tongue?

The average length of the human tongue is four inches.

How big is your tongue?

The length of your jaw

What is the big pink bump on your hamsters stomach?

thats its nipples

Why is there a bump on my rat's stomach?

it may be a serois medical conditiion, ask a vet. is the rat old? is the bump big? is the lump swollen? is the bump on a patch of thin skin? where has your rat been? is the bump smooth or scaly or something else?

What to do about big red bump on nose that hurts badly?

Use warm compress on bump and put a thin layer of 10% benzoyl peroxide.

How do you know you have a hemorrhoid?

there is a big bump on your rectal openning and sometimes it bleeds.

What is a Big bump on the scalp?

No Whey is a protein that you can put in food by hand

How does a Barramundi look?

Silver with shades of grey and a big bump on its head

What happens when your hamster gets a big red bump in its mouth?

its infected

What is a golden retriever physical description?

golden-white fur, big ears small black eyes sharp teeth flappy tongue 4 legs webbed-like feet big nails ADORABLE!

How big is the tongue of a t rex?

the skull is 5 feet so the tongue will be around the same lanth

What do guys think about girls with big tongues?

I think they must have a big mouth to hold their big tongue.

How big is a giraffe's tongue?

10 inches lol