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If man had not killed them all, they might have been saved.

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They can stop killing the tigers and stop making medicines from there body parts:)

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Q: What can you do to save the Indochinese tiger from becoming extinct?
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Why is it important to try to save the Siberian tiger from becoming extinct?

Because the Siberian Tiger is the largest tiger in the world, it is also the rarest tiger in the world.

How can you save the tiger from being extinct?

Donate to Project Tiger, World Wildlife Fund.

How can you save gorillas from becoming extinct?

Leave them alone!

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The fennec fox is in no danger of becoming extinct.

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The Sabre tooth tiger has been extinct for ages, not much point in trying to save it now - so no such organization.

Why is it important to save axolotl from becoming extinct?

Because otherwise you can't catch them all. Source: Pokemon.

How can you help save the giant pandas from becoming extinct?

dont shoot and eat them, or make a zoo for them, or give a charity that helps them money

Why do you have to save an extinct animal like pterosaur?

You don't. It is impossible to save an extinct animal. When something is extinct it is gone forever.

Why is there a need to save the tiger?

What if a tiger said why is there a need to save the humans.

What is the duration of Save the Tiger?

The duration of Save the Tiger is 1.67 hours.