What can you do to win your girlfriend back that you were with for three years and have two kids with when you still love her but she says she does not love you any more?

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2011-09-13 22:12:14

"Give_it_time_because_things_change_)" id=

"Give_it_time_because_things_change_)">Give it time because things

change )

Well i think the roles have been reversed in this situation and now

you are jealous of her. Maybe if she was very important you would

have realised sooner, yet now may be too late to 'win' her back,

but what changed when she got a boyfriend? did she become more

appealing or you realised you treated her badly and you do love

her? If you don't feel regret for flaunting your original

girlfriend in her face, you may just be a little annoyed, jealous

or want her back as possession?.. I think if you want to win her

back, it is going to take a lot of effort for you, and if she truly

is your love, the hard work to make it up to her will be worth it.

Now she already has a boyfriend so he won't be oblivious of you

doing good deeds for her. My suggestion is to just make it up to

her but avoid flamboyant gifts like roses okay... do not do that,

that is far too obvious. Just be happy around her, crack jokes,

laugh with her, do little things to repair the relationship that

was a little naively understated and its worth not known til now. I

hope I helped you out =) If possible you might be able to help me?

uhm do you know around how much it would cost to change auto

transmission to manual in a 1993 or 1994 Nissan Skyline R32 or R33?

I hope I helped you, best of luck!

You should give her a romantic dinner its good for the both of

you get her flowers and don't go cheap when it comes to girls they

hate ChEaP Doesnt everyone? Do the right thing

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