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you can use it a bedding for your EQ or you can sell it for money for your EQ its up to you :)

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โˆ™ 2011-12-10 03:12:27
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Q: What can you do with flax that's been harvested on howrse?
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How do you cultivate flax into bedding on Howrse?

All you have to do is grow the flax seeds and then harvest them and you will automatically get the flax bedding and the flax. Hope this helps.

When is flax sown and harvested?

from early january to late may

How do you grow linen?

Linen is made from flax. Flax is cellulose fibers that grow inside the stalks of a flax plant. Flax is then harvested when the fibers and stem begin to turn yellow and the seeds turn brown.Ê

What bedding is best to use when your mare is due to foal on Howrse?

On Howrse, straw and flax are the best bedding for a mare who is due to foal.

How do you grow flax seeds on Howrse?

Buy enough flax seeds and manure from the EC store for the number and size of meadows you have, and then plant them in spring.

Which crops can you grow in spring Howrse?

Carrot, barley, oat and flax. But in greenhouse everything.

What is the best bedding to put in the box in Howrse?

The bedding which gives the best prestige is flax.

How much flax will grow if you plant flax in Howrse?

The amount really depends on how many storms occur during the growing period, and how many storms there are. You would normally get about 1000 pounds

Are flax seeds pass seeds on Howrse?

No, Flax can be bought at any time from the EC store and is used to grow flax and flax bedding which can be sold or used in EC mashes. Pass seeds on the other hand are sold only once per year, and are used to grow one pass.

What is the maori word for flax?

kohunga is a type of flax. Harakeke is the most commonly used Maori word for flax (Phormium Tenax). Muka is flax that has been prepared for use.

Flax seed healthy?

Flax seed is healthy to the human body. Flax seed has been shown to decrease the amount of time a person is sick and boosts the immune system.

Where do we get flax seeds?

Flax seed come from the flax plant.

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