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you can distribute the trash properly

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Q: What can you do with your trash to prevent it from going into landfills?
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Why do landfills have liners?

To prevent the trash-polluted water from leaking into the ground, landfills have dense clay or plastic linings.

Where does much of the trash that is generated by americans end up?

The trash Americans generate ends up in landfills. Landfills are becoming full and it is a problem to decide what to do with all the trash.

What is overcrowded landfills?

A lot of trash in a landfill or a place where they put trash

What are the trash in landfills?

trash like plastics, paper, metal trash like plastics, paper, metal

What are Advantages and disadvantage of incineration?

Advantage: It Burns Your Trash and Keeps it from Going to a Landfill (taking less space and making trash in the landfills decrease)Disadvantage: It Pollutes the Air and Destroys the Ozone Layer

How are landfills and compost piles the same?

Both landfills and compost piles are both ways to collect trash. Landfills is very unhealthy, but composting is healthy.

How does trash in landfills effect people?

It can cause an end to the world.

How can humans reduce the number of landfills?

produce less trash

Can humans reduce the number of landfills?

produce less trash

What are landfills and how do you use them?

When we throw away trash that is not recyclable, it goes to the landfill. Landfills take up room to build parks, businesses, and schools. Since the number of people is growing, there is more trash piling up at the landfill. One day, we will not have enough room for landfills. We use landfills to "store" our trash. To reduce waste: Be eco friendly, get compost bins, recycle, and use less.

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