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Water or milk. Water: sometimes the body thinks it is hungry, when in fact it is just wanting water. Milk: this makes you feel full.

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How can you make yourself not hungry?

drink water.

How do you make yourself feel not hungry without eating?

drink a litre or two of water

How do you stop being hungry?

Things you can do are drink more water, sometimes your really just thirsty and think your hungry. Also distracting yourself with activities and keeping busy. Watching less television, and getting more sleep. When you don't get enough sleep your body craves more because it needs energy.

What can you talk to what do you do if your girlfriend about when the converstation dies?

Ask for a drink or something to drink or ask her if she wants someting to eat or drink so the conversation can being again if she don't a drink just say your hungry or thirsty and get you self a drink and talk about what happend when you went to the freezer .

Is there a pill or chemical you can take to prevent you from being drunk?

I have heard that the CIA has some formula to prevent alcohol from intoxication If you don't want to get drunk, then don't drink, or drink in moderation, then you won't need a pill or chemical.

How do you keep your appetite down if you're trying to starve yourself?

Never starve yourself!!! to feel full Drink lots of water and eat vegetables with lots of fiber, that will make you less hungry when you sit down for a meal

How do you stop yourself from being nervous?

drink water or tell friend or family member to cheer for you.

Why do people eat after they drink alcohol?

because they be hungry

What can you do before u go out and drink to prevent hangover?

drink a bottle of powerade Nothing. Eating normally, drink in moderation, pace yourself and keep fluid levels (not alchohol) up, especially before you sleep, will reduce the effects.

How can you stop from being sleepy?

drink coffee slap yourself in the face eat something take a walk

What can be eaten when you are hungry drink when thirsty and burn when it is cold?


What can you do to get full?

drink plenty of water,everytime u feel hungry drink water and wait 15 mins if u still feel the need to eat then you are hungry,good luck

What is a metaphor for mercy?

Water to drink. Giving a thirsty person something to drink. Or a hungry person something to eat.

How do you stop stomach noise?

well it depends if your hungry eat something but if your not hungry and your stomatch i advise u to drink ginger aile

Can you drink yourself sober?


What are ways to prevent drunk driving?

Dont drink. Or drink then don't drive.

Do you eat when you are thirsty?

No, but when I'm hungry, i drink water and it helps me relieve my hunger.

What does it mean when the rabbit don't eat and drink?

Maybe because it is not hungry or thirsty!!

Why does alcohol Make A Difference If You Are Hungry?

If you drink on a empty stomach your body will absorb the alcohol faster. It is not being absorbed by the food in your digestive system that would take longer to digest.

How do you prevent dehydration?

Drink a lot of water

If you drink Malta Goya can this prevent pregnancy?


How can you prevent cholera?

drink boiled water

How to prevent late period?

Technically you can't control when you get your period. Either it comes on time, late, or early. But to make yourself healthier eat and drink well, that might help (:

What do you drink to rehydrate yourself?


You were so hungry today you just kept eating and eating are you ok?

Being hungry and eating all day is something that happens to most people at times. You are likely fine. Sometimes it could be boredom that causes you to want to eat all day. It could also be due to you needing to drink more water. The next time try getting a drink to see if that helps.