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Water is the best choice

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Q: What can you drink when taking medicine?
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Is it bad to drink cold water when you take your medicine?

yes it bad to drink cold water while taking medicine

Is it ok to drink coke while taking medicine?


Can you drink alcohol after taking delsym cough medicine?


Can you drink beer while taking Flagyl?

yes but you shouldn't because it weakens the medicine.

Can you drink coffee while taking Penicillin?

Yes, you can drink coffee while taking penicillin. However, caffeine can make the side effects in any medicine increased.

Can you drink alcohol while taking citalopram?

it is advisable not to drink alcohol while taking this medicine as it can have detremental effects and actually make your depression worse.....It can mess with the perceptors in the brain. Carolyn

Can you drink milk while taking flucloxacillin?

Yes, you can drink milk while taking Flucloxacillin. If the patient does not like the taste of the medicine, it can be mixed with milk or water but has to be taken on an empty stomach.

How long after taking cold relief medicine should you wait to drink water coffee or tea?


Are there any poison medicines?

There are poison medicines. Suppose you are the one taking the medicine. You shouldn't overdose it or else the medicine could come poisonous. Suppose your not the one taking the medicine. The medicine is just lying on the table. Don't drink or eat it because you don't know if it's poisonous.

How do you make a sore throat better?

the best you can do is drink a lot of fluids and eat coughdrops... while taking medicine

Can you drink alcohol while taking rowatinex?

ofcourse not, rowatinex are medicine for kidney stone. alcohol are bad for kidney

What happens when you drink alcohol with blood pressure medicine?

I think the problem with drinking while taking BP medicine is that the blood pressure will rise from the alcohol therefore it's counteracting the work the medicine is doing for you.

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