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If you can't afford to go to the doctor then phone your pharmacist or go into the pharmacist and tell them how old the baby is and they will recommend something.

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What to do if a baby has a cold?

you give the baby a blanket and then ask an adult to give the baby some milk and make the baby rest

If you are pregnant and you have a cold can you give it to your baby?

No your baby will be extremely safe

What can you give your two month baby if she have a cough and a fever?

A trip to the emergency room!

Can a baby give a fever to an adult?

Yes. Germs don't care how old you are.

What should I do to help my baby with her tooth?

Give your baby a cold teething ring or a cold washcloth to chew or suck on. Talk to your pediatrician, you may be able to give the baby some baby tylenol or other pain releif

What can you give a 4 month old baby with a cold?

You need to take the baby to a doctor.

What do you give your 4 month old baby for a cold?


Can you give a cold bath to lower fever?

It is not recommended to take a cold bath to lower a fever, and it may even cause worse damage since it lowers the body temperature a lot. It is best to just take medicine if you really want to lower the fever.

How do you get rid of a cats fever?

Never give it any people medicine!!Your best bet is give it a cold bath and/or take it to the vet

If baby is 12 month old and has 100.4 fever what should you do?

Give the child fever reducer up to three times then take them to the doctor if it doesnt subside.

Can you give a baby a bath if she has a slight fever?

Yes, it would actually make her feel much better.. it soothes the fever.. hope your child feels better :)

Will you give herpes to your kids if you kiss them?

If you have the oral type of herpes (what caises cold sores and fever blisters) then yes you could give your children oral herpes if you kiss them while you have a cold sore.

Can bacitracin zinc ointment get rid of fever blister?

Bacitracin will not treat cold sores or fever blisters. The ointment portion may give some pain relief.

Can you give your baby cephalexin for strep throat?

You need to give syrup penicillin for complete ten days. Dose depends on the weight of your baby. Shorter course may lead to rheumatic fever.

When feeding a baby hamster do you give it warm or cold milk?

warm or slightly chilly milk if it is to cold they will get friskie.

What to do when a baby has a fever?

You have to take his clothes off and put a soaked wet towel in his for-head and give him Motrin or Tylenol.

What should you do if your 7 months baby have a fever with diarrhea?

Give him/her plenty of water, the baby loses a lot of water when having diarrhea, and go see a doctor.

Can you give a baby cold milk?

NO most defonately, positively NOyou're baby with throw up straight after the bottle or breast

Why the doctor wouldn't give a vaccine if you had cold caused by a virus?

Having a cold without a fever is not a reason to avoid giving a vaccine. Vaccines, however, do not prevent or treat colds.

Can you give benylin children's cough and cold and ibuprofen together?

can i give 20mothe old baby benylin and ibuprofen together:

How can you lower a child's fever why is the child saying that there cold when you remover the stuff of them but the child is hot to touch?

To give medicine to the child From RYAN

How many babies in the us have herpes?

I would imagine the stats are low. Herpes isn't often passed to babies through genetics or while the baby is in the womb. Doctors can give mothers with herpes antiviral medication a few weeks before they are due to deliver to help prevent break outs. If there isn't any sign of a break out when the mother gives birth then she would have very little risk of passing herpes to her baby. How ever a baby can contract oral herpes (cold sores / fever blisters) if some one with a cold sore or fever blisters kisses the baby while they have a break out on their mouth.

Can candy give you a fever?

Normally, candy won't give you a fever. If the person is allergic to an ingredient in the candy, then a fever or worse may result.

What is the best portable audio player available?

For fever and other discomfort, ask your doctor about giving your baby acetaminophen or ibuprofen " but never give ibuprofen to a baby younger than 6 months.

What can you give a 6 month old baby for a runny nose?

Tylonal cold or flu medicine for infants.

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