What can you give your two month baby if she have a cough and a fever?

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A trip to the emergency room!
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Can you stop babies from crying by giving them cough syrup?

No. I would not recommend that unless of course your baby has a cold and is in need of childrens medicine. Your baby is crying for a reason whether it be hunger, thirst, in need of a change, uncomfortable, teething, not feeling well, colic or in need of attention and scared. You must find out th ( Full Answer )

Can you give your dog baby aspirin for fever?

no!! go to your vet, they will have a solution!! **Correction/Improvement** It is difficult to know whether a dog has a fever or not. A dry nose does not indicate fever. The most accurate indicator of a fever in a dog is the old fashioned thermometer up the rear. However, one dose of aspir ( Full Answer )

Fever no appetite and severe coughing what does my son have?

It would be impossible for anyone here to make a diagnosis through the Internet, but it sounds severe enough to visit a doctor. It could be anything from a chest cold to pneumonia or worse. I would have it checked now!

Your dog has a high fever 104 can you give him baby Tylenol?

With dogs, Tylenol can possibly result in liver failure and then death. Call a veterinarian and ask them what to do. If you can't reach one now, baby aspirin can be given to the dog, but NOT adult aspirin at the normal dose. Buffered adult aspirin (ONE) can also be used. Make sure your dog has close ( Full Answer )

How much milk do you give a 17 month old baby?

At this point, you can give milk according to the nutritional anddrink needs of your child. They can drink fruit juice, water andmilk. They should be eating solid foods by now, so amount of milkdoesn't matter as much.

Why is your baby coughing?

As it is known that our bodies or shall i say our immune system has the ability to fight infections ,it fights them in a way we wouldn't understand but coughing is on of the ways our body gets rid of bacteria or viruses.So basically the main reason we cough is because our body is trying to get rid o ( Full Answer )

What do you do for a cough and a fever?

1. Measure your temperature with a digital thermomether. 2. If your temperature is higher than 37.6 degree celcius, take some medication, including cough syrup. 3. Get enough rest, drink lots of water. 4. If symptoms persist after 3 days, consult your doctor.

What is cough and chest congestion and wheezing but no fever?

it could be as simple as asthma, or as complacated as copd, only if you smoke, also the lungs are a sensitive tissue and allergies to animals, indoor or outdoor could also be to blame--please go to the doctor and get a standard scrach test its not expensive and doesn't hurt to much feels like a fin ( Full Answer )

What sickness do you have if you have cough sore throat and fever?

A cold, flu, or strep throat are the most likely candidates. If your fever goes above 102 or you have trouble swallowing, see a doctor. Otherwise, eat what you can, rest, take aspirin and wait about four more days. Do not take antibiotics unless your doctor prescribes them for this illness.

Is it bad if you give a three month old baby gerber?

Yes. The only thing your baby should be eating at three months is formula or brest milk. Consult your babies doctor before you give it any solid food. You can cause you baby to have childhood obesity by feeding it things it shouldn't have yet.

Can you be sick with a cough but no fever?

YES! I'm dealing with that right now. I have had no fever but I've been coughing until I throw up. I can feel the phlegm popping in my chest when I cough, but I have no other symptoms other than a sinus headache. I don't have asthma and I don't have allergies, and I know it's a cold because my s ( Full Answer )

For what treatment of Dry cough is recommended for a 7 months baby?

Cough and the Common Cold You know how annoying it is to have a cold. Imagine how much more so it is for your child. You can take nearly any over-the-counter medicine you want for relief of your symptoms. Your child has very limited choices, especially now that cough medicines have been found to po ( Full Answer )

If you have a cough and fever what is it?

A cough and fever could be anything, since pretty much any flu and cold could come with a cough and fever. A cough and fever is exhibited by pretty much every flu and cold in the world.

Ferrets with a fever and cough?

a ferret that has a fever and a cough could be caused by one of several illnesses. contact your veterinarian

Can you have a baby two months after due date?

No. The placenta is designed and intended only to work for 9 months. After 9 months it starts to degrade and detatch from the uterine wall. That's why doctors need to be as exact as possible when determining due dates, especially with Caesarian section.

Is it ok to give my baby amoxicillin if you had the amoxicillin for one month?

If the amoxicillin has been reconstituted (...if it's a liquid when you get it at the pharmacy...) then No, you must NOT give it to your baby. After 7-14 days, the antibiotic will not work....even if you have had it in the fridge the whole time. If the infection has come back, the baby needs to visi ( Full Answer )

What could you give a 9 month old for a severe cough fever and rash?

If the symptoms are severe as you say, these could be symptoms of a serious infection. Most people faced with these symptoms in an infant would contact a medical professional urgently, or go to the Emergency Room for treatment, especially if there is a combination of fever and rash.

Can you give a three month old baby tums for gas?

No! Are you burping the baby properly after feeding? That should help alleviate the problem. Also, breastfed babies have less gas than bottlefed babies do. Bottle-feeding could be causing the problem.

Does kennel cough cause fever?

Usually not. But if it has turned into a cold or infection then yes they will run a fever.

Can a two month old baby eat baby food?

I'm not a doctor but I've given my 2 month old baby a taste of ice cream and yogurt and now I've given her some apples n blueberry baby food and she's had no problem. Do not give honey or peanut butter or anything that can cause food allergies. I give mine very little in between breastfeedings becau ( Full Answer )

What is it when you have a cough for months?

It could be that you have developed a kind of allergic asthma, particularly if there are no other symptoms of cold or flu. This happened to my 60 year old brother and it took a long time for it to be diagnosed. He had never had allergy or asthma symptoms before, although asthma runs in our family. T ( Full Answer )

What can you give a five month old for a temperature and a bad cough?

All you can give them is infant Tylenol. That has been recalled so it would be the generic store equivalent. The dosage varies depending on the child's weight. If you talk to the pharmacist they can instruct you about what the proper dosage is for your child.

How many cc of penicillin should you give baby calf for cough?

You need to know the weight of the calf first (maybe even the age) to know how much penicillin to give it. Better yet, contact your veterinarian to give you some tips on what medicine to use (Baytril may be the safest for your calf) and dosage rates.

Can you give curd to your 5 month baby?

Avoid curd for 2 more month. Only provide your baby, mashed banana,apple, Suji ka halwa because not all babies will be having twosolid meals a day at this stage.Start with very little once a dayand gradually increase it over next few weeks. The plan lists solidexternal food. Please remember that bre ( Full Answer )

What does it mean if you have a cough for three months?

Your probably allergic to dust particles in the air,got a really dry throat,a bacterial infection or a viral infection in your throat or have tonsillitis.Whatever it is you should go see a doctor,especially if you are finding it hard to swallow.Hope I helped,:)

Can you give orange juice to a 4 months baby?

Actually I was told orange juice is not suitable under 1 year, but my doctor said other juices are fine at about 5-6 months but recommends baby food and water more than juice . It's true babies don't need water under 4 months since there is plenty in formula and breast milk, even after 4 months just ( Full Answer )

What medicine for 1year and 9 months baby Cough?

Most non-prescription drugs aren't meant for babies under 3 years old. You should really visit a doctor or the hospital for inquiries like that, as professionals will know what medicine is safe for a baby to consume.