Mother's Day

What can you give your wife on Mother's Day if you don't have a lot of money?

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Remember, it is not Wife's Day but Mother's Day. It is

the kids who have to make the effort, but they may need guidance

from their father. For some women Mother's Day can be more

important than their own birthday.

Mother's day is not about money, but children showing love and

appreciation to their mothers. As the father, remind the kids to

visit their mother. As the husband, you could let her sleep in, and

when she is ready to get up, you or you and the children could make

breakfast and serve it to her in bed or sit down as a family to

eat. Don't forget to clean up after breakfast. It won't be as

special for mom if she is left with cleaning up the mess.

Here are some ideas to pass on to your children:

  • Planning a day for their mother and letting her know how much

    they all appreciate her will most likely mean more than anything

    they could buy.

  • Mothers always like it when the children offer to do a chore

    they don't normally do. Suggest they each give her a book of

    coupons for chores they will do when she needs them done, but only

    if they will actually do the chore when she asks without putting it

    off or making an excuse when the time comes.

  • Remind them to say "I love you" and give her a kiss. This is

    also something you should do.

  • This is another idea: I made an "I Love You" out of post-it

    notes and wrote a little something or drew something on each little

    post-it and then during the night I taped it to her door. Then in

    the morning, I went outside and picked some little flowers off our

    bush and put them in a glass bowl full of water and next to it put

    a little card. Then I went downstairs and cleaned the kitchen. She

    loved it, and it didn't cost anything.

  • Encourage them to get some flowers, either by buying them or

    picking them, and deliver them to mom personally. A nice bouquet

    delivered personally shows mom you really care much more than one

    that is delivered by the florist.

Here are some comments from moms:

  • For a mom, there is nothing greater than to see that her

    children can start taking care of themselves and her as well. It

    shows that they learned well; that is what the whole upbringing was

    all about.

  • Last year my family packed a picnic and took me to the park.

    They made me cards and didn't let me prepare my own sandwich or

    anything. We walked the boardwalk and such. When we got home and

    the kids were off to bed, my husband ran me a hot bath and rubbed

    my feet. It was just a quiet day with the family, but it was really

    great. I'll remember it forever.

  • I never understood, as a kid, why my mom would get choked up

    when I made her a homemade card. Now that I am a mom myself, I

    finally get it. It sounds cliche, but it really is the thought that

    counts. Just let her know you appreciate her.

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