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Questions about birthdays, birthday celebrations, and birthday gifts. Questions about celebrities' birthdays should be placed in the Celebrities category instead.

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What is Selena Gomez's birthday?

US actress and singer Selena Marie Gomez was born July 22, 1992 in Grand Prairie, Texas. ...
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In the middle ages did they celebrate birthdays?

Most of the medieval people did not have any idea what their birthdays were. The data we have about the births of members of the nobility often say such things as that they were born "in the end of May or the beginning of June." For many people, even important people, we have no record of the years in which they were born. The earliest person crowned king of England whose birthday is known was Henry II. Before him, we do...
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Birthday gift for 11 year old boy?

Try doing something different and exciting, instead of the usual wrapped-up-in-a-box gift. It would be fun and memorable to have a magician or cosplay super heroes at a birthday party. Try going to bit.ly/1ICWULL to browse some really cool performers that an 11 year old boy would love. ...
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How do the people from Niue say Happy Birthday?

Monuina aho fanau hagu ma (name)
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How can you reply your birthday wishes?

say'Thank you so much' with a cute smile in your face....
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How do you thank someone who sent you a birthday wish?

Just say thank-you back.
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What is the Swedish birthday song?

The song goes like this: Verse 1 Ja, må han leva! Ja, må han leva! Ja, må han leva uti hundrade år! Javisst ska han leva! Javisst ska han leva! Javisst ska han leva uti hundrade år! Verse 2 Och när han har levat Och när han har levat Och när han har levat uti hundrade år! Ja, då ska han skjutas Ja, då ska han skjutas Ja, då ska han skjutas på en skottkärra fram! Verse 3 Och när han har skjutits Och när han har skjutits Och när han har skjutits...
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What special recognition does someone turning 100 years old receive?

A Birthday Party. THE PRESIDENT' s office in Washington DC use to send a letter / card . ...
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When is L Lawliet's birthday?

10/31/1979 (in anime 1982)
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What is Zayn Malik's middle name?

Zayn Malik's middle name is Javaad.
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What is the most popular alcohol bought in the US?

CaptianMorgan private stock and mf'n pbr
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Why is Kuromi's birthday on Halloween?

Because it just is. It's really that simple
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How old are you if you were born March 8 1984?

That answer would vary depending on when you are asking it. As of today in 2014 you are 30. This will not be trues next year. It is a simple subtraction sum. ...
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What do you buy for a little girls first birthday?

Girls who are turning one probably won't be able to tell you what they want for their birthday, and they won't be able to recognize who gave it, either. Shopping for birthday party presents for little kids is probably the easiest-I would recommend clothes. Clothing is very useful, helps out the parents, and is a simple yet perfect present. Another good gift would be shoes, which can also be used everyday. Another great gift is a gift card to Toys R...
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When is the birthday of Prodigy from Mindless Behavior?

Prodigy's birthday is December 26th, 1996.
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What are some good 12th birthday ideas?

I'm 13 and my 12 birthday party was a blast. I had an Hollywood themed party. I had a fake red carpet for when the y first come in and my mom and dads friends pretended to be paparazzi and took pic . All the girl were dressed up as there favorite stars, and we Had different categories like best dressed for a birthday girl and etc. And awards like toys. Then we had a make up station and hair stylist...
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How do you convince parents to give you your hidden birthday present early?

well, first of all make a conversation with your parents then bring the present thing up if that doesn't work well, then try to look for it unless they still haven't bought well then your looking and wasting your time. Finally if the two suggestion don't work well, then you should wait and let it be a surprise you now its not bad waiting and letting it be a surprise. :) HOPE THAT HELPS. ...
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How do you say happy 5th birthday in french?

Joyeux cinquieme anniversaire. :) hope i helped
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How many people share your birthday?

On average every day there are 1.9 million people celebrating their birthday. That is the total global population (7 billion) divided by the number of days in a year (365). ...
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What should you reply on your birthday greeting?

Thanks so much, I hope to live a lot of years ahead and keep your friendship forever. ...
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Sweet 13 Candy Birthday Decorations Games and Other Ideas?

There is no such thing as "sweet 13" do nobody can help you