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birds and small game animals In theory, just about anything that walks, crawls, flies or swims, IF the placement of the projectile is EXACT

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Q: What can you kill with a 400fps gun?
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Can a bb gun kill a bird?

400fps can kill a bird from about 10 yards away. I have a 880 powerline daisy It will go through the bird. So ya it can

Is it painfull to get shot by an 400fps airsoft gun?


Where do you find an automatic airsoft gun that goes 400fps?

Try a sports store

Is there a way you can put your air soft gun down to 400fps?

You could buy a weaker spring.

What airsoft gun is electric and 350-400fps under 50 bucks?

A broken used one. You will not find any at that price. Try $150-$200.

How much fps in 400ft?

400fps means that the projectile (in this case BB) exited the barrel of the gun at the velocity of 400 feet per second. So depending on how good your gun is, it may fire a .2g BB around 200ft.

Does the gun kill the people or do the people kill the people?

the people kill the people...the gun is just making it easier

Can a bb gun kill a crow?

Yes it is passable to kill a Crow with a BB gun

How do you kill a vampire with a gun?

To kill a vampire with a gun you must use silver bullets.

How to kill a person with a pencil?

kill her with a gun

On Animal Crossing can you kill people with a gun?

no you cannot kill people with a gun... (i don't even think you can even get a gun on acww.

Can you shoot a BB gun and kill a animal?

You can kill rodents with a BB gun