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What can you learn from past failures?

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Most of us would learn what NOT to do next time. But there are some who never learn.

2006-07-26 17:25:26
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Q: What can you learn from past failures?
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What did you learn from you failures?

You could learn how not to make the same mistakes from your failures. You could also learn what others have done well when you make mistakes.

What do you call scientists that learn about the past?

Scientists that learn about the past are called historians because they learn about history/past.

How history is being important?

Remembering past success and failures.

Past tense of learn?

learnt/learned. Both are the past tenses of learn.

Why is the history taught?

In the hopes that future generations can learn from the successes and failures of previous generations.

Scientists who study artifacts to learn about the past are?

Scientists who study artifacts to learn about the past are called archeologist's.

What can you learn on the past civilization?

u can learn that the past in more hard to live than living now.

What is past tense of learned?

learned is the past tense of learn

What can you learn from a book?

You can learn from the past. Humans are the only animal that can learn from the experience of others from the past. This brings a weath of information, thoughts and poetry from the human race to you.

What are the Uses Of studying History?

The uses of studying history are that you learn of your past. You learn your countries past, your past, and the people's past. Some people like learning those things and it will inspire you to be a historian.

What can scientists learn by studying layers of rock in the Earth?

They can learn a lot about the past, or how the earth used to be. The landscape of the earth in the past.

What were some failures or struggles George Washington He had growing up?

To get past all of his other brothers an sisters.

Why is it important to learn from the past?

I think both on a personal and a worldwide level, we need to learn from the past so that we can do better in the future.

What have we learn from past wars?

we learn that fighting is horrabel and peace is good

How do archaeologists learn from the past?

Archaeologists can learn much about the people who made them.

What is the primary focus of archeology as a science?

to learn about the past and to learn more

What is the past tense for you are ready to learn about verbs?

you were ready to learn verbs

What can you learn by studying fossils?

the fact that you can learn about the past, if your thinking about it, go for it

Why do you study dinosaurs?

So we can learn more about the past and what lived in the past.

Why do historians read diaries and letters from the past?

To learn about what happened in the past

What is the past perfect tense of learn?

The past perfect tense is "had learned".

What is the importance of cactus hill?

Cactus Hill is important to us because there we learn more about our ancestors and learn their ways of life and how we evolved from them. we learn about our past and how we have changed over time.We learn our past history

What do scientist study to learn about prehisory?

they learn to examine objects to learn about past people and culture

Why do you study fossils?

to learn about the past

What is the past tense for learn?