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If you wear a purity ring, you are not supposed to have sex, although it is well known that people who wear them do have sex. I guess what you can not do is tell your friends if you did.

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NO. You don't have to be a christian to wear a purity ring .

a claddagh ring is not a purity ring

Typically, Hindu's do not wear a purity ring. The purity ring is usually worn on people who come from Christian religion backgrounds.

To the best of my knowledge, Jamie Lynn Spears does not wear a purity ring.

No, she does not. She did at one point wear a silver ring that some people thought was a purity ring, but it was just a ring and not a symbol of anything

Traditionally a purity ring is worn on the left and ring finger, and replaced only with a wedding ring.

Yes! She wears it as a ring.

No he wears a wedding band in place of the purity ring

A purity ring is a promise that you're not going to have sex until you're married. You wear it on your ring finger until you get married and the wedding ring will take the place of the purity ring.

Wear it on your ring finger until your wedding day.

Nope, never did, never would, not in a billion trillion lifetimes would I ever wear a purity ring.

I don't know, but he does where a ring in his pictures.

There are no reports that indicate that Jason Dolley wears a purity ring. Jason is an actor and a musician.

No. Anyone who has the desire to remain pure or chaste can wear a ring as a symbol of their decision.

Girls should wear their purity ring on their ring finger on the left hand. This symbolizes that they will stay pure until marriage. --ElorraSnow--

No, a purity ring is not a religious symbol, it is a symbol of one's dedication to remaining celebate until married. Anyone that believes in waiting until marriage can decide to wear a purity ring.

The purity ring is a symbol. The ring's symbolism is determined by the individual who is wearing the icon (the ring). Therefore, any relevance to "purity" is denoted by the individual who wears the ring.

He used to wear a purity ring back in the high school musical days but around the time those movies wrapped, he stopped wearing one.

I have never even seen anyone wearing a purity ring, so would not even recognise a purity ring if I saw one. Nor have I ever seen a purity ring in a shop, so it seems they are qute rare outside the United States.

Um, He only does that once in a while.. sorta kinda but he does wear his purity ring all the time on occasion he will wear a necklace but i have never seen him or ne of his broz wear earings and of course he always wears his purity ring

No, he's not the Jonas Brothers

No, and I would advise you not to either

On the left hand, index finger. It's not the index finger you wear it on. Left hand, ring finger. The finger that you would wear a wedding ring on.