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You should tell them that you love her and that you're there for her. Be pateint with her she may just be having troubles with girls homones

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What do you say to make your girlfriend happy?

just praise her whatever you like about her. dis really make girls happy hope it will help

What can you say happy birthday to your girlfriend?

Just say Happy Birthday with a really awesome gift she loves.

How do you make your girlfriend happy in bed?

Ask her what would make her happy or what we should like to do differently.

What to say to your girlfriend if she says you make her happy?

Pick one:I'm glad.just smile at her without saying anythingBeing around you makes me happy, too.

How do you make your girlfriend say I love you?

You can't make her say it. She will say it when she is ready.

Does having a girlfriend in club penguin make you happy?


What can you do to your girlfriend that will make her happy?

bang her like there's no tomorrow

How can you make someone or a girlfriend happy?

buy her a unicorn and propose

What can you do to make your girlfriend want to not move so far away?

Not much to be honest, but if you really do love her than you should love her enough to want her to be happy, and if going away would make her happy then let her say that bit to her :)

What could Justin bieber do for his girlfriend?

Anything. He's him! He wants to protect his girlfriend, and make her happy, and have fun!

What are the signs that your ex is over you?

when they have a new girlfriend. and they say that their are happy with someone else..

How do you make you boyfriend happy?

As a boy I know that when my girlfriend says she loves me and lets me do what I want sometimes instead of seeing or txting her it makes me happy. I was also happy when my girlfriend decided not to run away.

What do I give my girlfriend?

Give her anything that you feel will make her happy. Love is all about making the other happy.

Is it bad to flirt with your girlfriend friends?

It will not make your girl friend happy.

How do you make my girlfriend happy by performing anal?

Talk to her, she can best answer how she likes it

How do you make my girlfriend happy?

In order to make your girlfriend happy, you can do number of things. These things may include buying her nice gifts, taking her out for dinner or movie, cooking a romantic meal for her, or taking her to a new place.

How do you make your ex dump his girlfriend for you?

make him jealous by getting a fake boyfriend and he may come back to you. now if he and his girlfriend are happy and it was meant to be then he will stay with her.

How can you get your girlfriend back and make her happy?

Be honest and kind; listen; do the right things.

How can you make a girlfriend happy?

write her a letter out of the blue telling her how much you care about her.

How do you say you make me happy in Spanish?

Me hacen feliz, in the plural (You all make me happy) Me haces feliz, in the singular informal (You make me happy).

This boy said he wants you to be his girlfriend does that make you his girlfriend?

Only if you want to be his girlfriend. it does if u say yes

Can you say happy valentine's day to a ex girlfriend?

yes if you still love her SHOW HER YOU CARE

Is Justin Bieber happy with his girlfriend?

yes he is happy with his girlfriend/fan Bonnie Kay

How do you make happy a sad girlfriend?

You can't it's irreversible, dump her and get a new one

How can you make your girlfriend happy after you made her mad?

Tell he she's right your wrong and your sorry