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Q: What can you shoot out of a gun on fallout 3?
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Can you make a Dart Gun in Fallout New Vegas like in Fallout 3?

No, you can only craft, find or buy the dart gun in Fallout 3.

How do you use a weapon in Fallout 3?

point. shoot. easy. Equip whatever gun you want then aim then pull he right trigger.

Where do you get the dart gun in fallout 3?

you make it

Is the rail gun good in fallout 3?


What is the best gun in fallout 3?

Alien blaster

Is there a gun runners type merchant in Fallout 3?

Yes :)

How do you use a gun on fallout 3?

kill pople with one

Where do you find a paint gun on fallout 3?

at home depot or lowes

How do you kill deathclaws?

The best ways to kill Deathclaws are as follows: for Fallout 3- peg a Deathclaw with the dart gun, then from close range, continuously use the flamer on them as they will be weakened from the dart gun. for Fallout: New Vegas- if you see a Deathclaw, immediately crouch, take out an Anti-Material Rifle with incendiary ammo, and shoot them in the head.

How do you use ammo in fallout 3?

the ammo in fallout 3 is automatically loaded into your gun that shoots that type of ammo other then that it is unable to do any thing else.

How do I use a Fallout 3 collar?

You shoot the person with the mesmetron, talk to them, and there will be an option to put the collar on.

What is the worst gun on Fallout?

Worst Gun on Fallout 3The worst gun on Fallout 3 would probably be the toy knife from point lookout.a toy knife is not a gun i would say the 10mm pistol or the .32 pistol either one of them they are not powerful and they suck point blank period. cannabiscup last edit

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