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Go to a hospital or women's clinic if you want to terminate the pregnancy, don't try anything at home, you could end up killing yourself.

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Q: What can you take to have a miscarrige?
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Can vinegar cause a miscarrige?

No it can not.

Do laxitives cause a miscarrige?


Can you have a miscarrige with out even knowing you had one?

Alex ascencio is relevant to this question

What does miscarrige mean?

a miscarrage is when you are pregnant and the baby dies in your stomach. its very sad but true. :(

Why does my dog have milk in her nipples but not pregnant?

She may be goin through a false pregnancy or miscarrige!

The first month of pregnancy can you have bleeding during sex?

Possible by many reason including risk of miscarrige

Can ecstasy cause a miscarrige?

Yes, any drug or alcohol use can cause a miscarriage or deformity in an infant.

What does a 3 week miscarrige look like?

It's still a zygote so basically you will just see blood.

Why would you still have sickness after a miscarriage?

You can still have pregnancy symptoms after a miscarriage as the hcg pregnancy hormone is most likely still in your system. After a miscarrige it can take 4-6 weeks for the hcg levels to get back to their normal range.

How many sibling Selena Gomez have?

She has 1, but her mom had a miscarrige just before Christmas. It was a girl and her name was Scarlett Rose Teefey.

How do you cause a miscarrige?

By nature or accident. If you mean having a miscarriage on purpose that would be a induced miscarriage aka abortion. You have to see a doctor for that.

Why are you weak after a miscarrige?

well after all the trouble of going through pregnancy with a massive huge sadness and dissapointment in the end will leave you weakened.

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