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Q: What can you use a block of gold for in minecraft pocket edition?
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How do you mine gold in minecraft pocket edition?

In pocket edition you'll need iron, gold or a diamond pickaxe.

Where is the perfect spot to find gold on minecraft pocket edition?

You can use the seed i like pizza and there will be gold, iron, and diamond under your spawn.

What number is a gold block in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the gold block is data value 41.

What tools do you need to dig Diamond in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

iron pic axe or gold anything else it will mine it you just wont get it

How do you break redstone in minecraft pe?

with an iron, gold, or diamond pickaxe (there isn't any uses for redstone in pocket edition so you won't get anything

How do get seeds in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

In Mine craft pocket edition the seed spinny is a good one you spawn on a tree you mine the tree and under it keep mining and you get coal iron gold and diamonds or you can look up seeds on google or youtube.

Can monsters go on block of gold in minecraft?


How do you mine gold in mine craft pocket edition?

With an iron pickaxe

How do you activate the Nether portal in Minecraft pocket edition?

In order to make it you need 4 gold blocks (36 gold ingots) Three diamonds and 6 iron ingots (nether core reactor) and 12 cobblestone.

How many hits can a gold sword take on Minecraft pocket edition?

Gold swords and tools last 33 uses (mob hits) so the answer is 33. However, if you use the sword for digging blocks it gets used twice as fast.

How do you get a block of gold in Minecraft?

To craft a block of gold, you need 9 gold ingots. Go in a crafting table and put 1 gold ingot on each slot. You can craft the block back into ingots by putting it in the table.

Will 9 gold ingots make 1 block in Minecraft PE?


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