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What can you use in place of number 5 crochet thread?

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Crochet is a process of creating a fabric from yarn, thread etc. you normally use a crochet hook.

No. It's usually easiest to stitch it on with sewing thread, which is easy to hide in the yarn, but you can also sometimes use crochet.

For basic crochet the tools you will need are yarn or crochet thread, and a crochet hook of the appropriate size (it should say on the yarn which size hook to use). These are all the tools that you NEED, but a yarn needle would also be useful, and there are many other peripherals that you could make use of, such as a stitch counter, stitch holders, instruction books, flower maker, etc.

A crochet hook is a tool, and together with the type of yarn you want to use, will help you achieve the gauge you need in the fabric you want to crochet. There is no number as a maximum, but you do need at least one.

Finger crochet is when you use your finger to crochet instead of a hook.

Single crochet and double crochet are just different crochet stitches. You can use whichever you prefer, or whatever the pattern calls for if you are following a pattern.

You can use any wool for crochet. Your choice depends on the garment or fabric you want to make.

you crochet a towel by doing any stitch you would like. you could use a single crochet, double crochet, half double crochet, or triple or treble crochet. you would chain stitch how ever long you want you towels length to be, then use what ever stitch you would like back and forth across.

This notation refers to the color of the thread, not to a weight or other information about the yarn itself. If you are using a pattern that says "pastel thread" it means that you get to choose the colors rather than use the colors for a specific theme. Pastel is pale, baby colors like lavender (purple), pink (red), or jonquil (yellow).

No, you can only crochet with a crochet hook. Answer Crochet is done with crochet hooks (they come in many sizes) not knitting neeldes. But you can also use your fingers (finger crochet) or there is also some thing called Knooking which uses a tool that has a crochet hook on one end and a knitting needle point on the other.

To use a needle and thread could be called sewing.To use a needle and thread could be called quilting. To use a needle and thread could be called embroidery. To use a needle and thread could be called suturing.

To crochet gloves, I would look online for a pattern to follow. There a many, many styles and ways to crochet gloves. So look for the pattern which fits your need.I have attached my favorite place to find free patterns for all sorts of projects. The reason I use this site is because there rarely is a "broken" link, and the sites are categorized and alphabetized . This site is Crochet Pattern Central. This is but one place which lists places to find free patterns.

You probably use them as toys or decorations.

Both are crochet but each use a different catalog of stitches. Crochet is what most people associate with. Single, double and treble crochet stitches are examples. Interweave crochet is otherwise known as Afghan stitches or Tunisian crochet. It uses stitches that mimic knitting making a finished fabric that looks knitted but is in fact crocheted with a one hook needle. Simple stitch and knit stitch are examples of this form of crochet.

He lost the thread of his argument.

There are about 6 basic crochet stitches them being: ch~chain stitch sc~single crochet dc~double crochet hdc~half double crochet treble ss~slip stitch most patterns will use one of these stitches or a combo of some of them. .

You can find videos on "How To" and U-Tube and Expert Village. Just search how to make Broomstick Lace. I only know about sewing it up the center as you go. I'd use Button Thread or another very strong thread- it would depend on what type fiber you are using.

normal thread is used, the thread used in Tailor work. It is just the way they use it, it seems magic.

"Crochet" is a verb that describes a particular manner of turning yarn into an article of more direct use.

Use a flower motif as a button. Crochet a circle, puff stitch all the way around to desired size.

The only way I know to crochet letters onto an already completed afghan would be to use surface stitching. Another method, which is not crochet but which would give a very nice look, would be to cross-stitch them on. This can be done on single crochet or tunisian crochet (afghan stitch). Another way to get letters on an afghan would be to crochet strands of chains or single crochet strips and shape them into the letters needed, then attach them to the ghan. That would give a 3-D effect.

In general, thread refers to a very thin string used for sewing, while yarn is a thicker, sometimes softer, string used for knitting, crocheting, etc. There are different weight threads, usually made from cotton, with sometimes a shiny viscose added for holiday use. Weights vary from 3 to 30 with 3 being the thickest to 30 being the thinnest. There is also tatting cotton which is the thinnest of all, if you really want to drive yourself nuts and try to crochet with it. Thread was used a lot in the doilies and filet crochet of yesteryear. Doilies are still made, but the cotton thread is also used in scarves and bookmarks these days. I have made teddies with thread also, same pattern as worsted weight but with thread and a much tinier hook. I have seen patterns for nativities and for chapstick holders also.

to use a knitting machine for the girls only one you have to thread it on one needle and then not thread it on to the next then thread it on again then don't etc

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