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Hey Karmon==I use a shower grout mold stain remover. It helps if you find one that smells good. GoodluckJoe

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Q: What can you use to clean or get rid of the mold or mildew smell that is coming from the window seals when the windows are down?
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How do you treat mildew on crawlspace?

Contact a company that encapsulates crawlspaces. You can clean tghe mildew but until you correct the problem, high humidity, it will keep coming back.

What does a sparrow repeatedly hitting your window mean?

your windows are immaculately clean

Can you use ladders in window cleaning?

you cant use ladders to clean windows but you can to get to them, i would clean it with water and a cloth... you cant use ladders to clean windows but you can to get to them, i would clean it with water and a cloth...

How do you get rid of mildew on windows inside the house?

Mildew is caused by lack of airflow and moisture in the air. You can get rid of it by using bleach, but that won't deal with the underlying cause. You have to change the environment. Open the windows or get an extractor system if you can. Make sure that the area outside of the window is clean and dry. If the window is low, make sure than there is drainage so that water does not bounce up into the window frame. Replace caulking as needed. Get a small spray bottle and fill it 2/3 full of water and 1/3 full of bleach. Spray it on the mildew and let it set in. Wipe it off with a wet rag and repeat until it disappears. This method also works on bathroom walls where mildew and mold like to accumulate over and near the shower.

How do you clean mildew from a wood window seal?

You want to kill the mildew, so use rubbing alcohol for that. Apply liberally, wipe clean with damp cloth and allow to dry. Apply varnish or Linseed Oil to wood surface to restore natural colour and shine.

How do you clean external windows from the inside?

open the window up and reach ur arm out

What is the best way to clean interior storm windows?

A simple window cleaner is great for cleaning indoor storm windows. One can also use a mix of vinegar and water to clean windows without chemicals and such.

How can you clean mildew from window tracks?

With any mildew remover , cotton swabs an old cloth wrapped around a butter knife , or a fine bottle-brush. Rinse well so the cleaner won't degrade any rubber or vinly weatherstripping.

How do you get Christmas window stickers to stay on the window?

Clean your windows first, then in the area that you want to place the stickers, clean with alcohol. It will take off any grease or anything that is still on the window and your stickers will adhere better. Hope this helps.

How do you clean mildew from under the rim of the toilet?

To clean mold or mildew from underneath a toilet's rim, you can use a commercial product like a mildew remover. You should spray the area with this product and wait about 10 minutes before removing the cleaner with a sponge. If the mildew is not completely removed, then repeat the process.

How do you clean double hung windows?

To clean double-hung windows, remove the screens from the window. Unlock and raise the lower sash two or three-inches. Clean the window sill by dusting or vacuuming. Grip the sash-releases and pull them inward toward you. Do this on both sides. Place a chair or stool next to the window sill for support, and tilt the window until it rests on the sill or chair. Lower the upper sash until it is a few inches above the lower window. Pull the sash releases on both sides and lower the window to rest on top of the lower window. Clean the exterior glass with a solution of 1 to 2-teaspoons of vinegar to 1-gallon of water. Use a squeegee or lint-free paper to dry the windows. Replace the windows and lock the sash releases in place. Repeat for lower window.

Who is the patron saint of people who clean windows?

As far as I know, their are no saints specifically assigned to window cleaners.

How do you clean double windows in mobile home?

I clean them with Windex and a window wiper on an extendable shaft (something like a paint pole) . I got the idea from a guy doing commercial windows, and it works well. - The 'window wiper' is a 4x12" pad with covering similar to shag carpet )

Can you use newspapers to clean a window?

when i was young i had to clean the windows at home. first i washed them down with a soapy cloth and then wiped them with newspaper - the result were sparkling clean windows - so the answer is yes you can. I also use newspaper to clean greasy frying pans - works perfectly.

How do I Clean mildew from my Miata soft top?

washing soft top with a mild bleach or water and vinegar will remove the mildew

How do you clean a polyester gazebo cover that has mold and mildew?


What would clean mold and mildew on concrete?

Diluted bleach.

Any hints on how best to clean a large glass window without streaks resulting?

The best way to clean a glass window without streaks is to use a lint free cloth. Also, using window cleaner or vinager helps. Finally, try to clean windows when sun is not directly shining on them.

What does it mean when a bird taps on the window?

It means you have really clean windows or the bird can't see very well.

How can one get rid of mildew in the bathroom?

Mildew can be removed by mixing a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water and spraying it on the mildew. Let the solution soak for a few minutes and then wipe clean.

How do you clean mildew from landscape rocks?

scrub it off w soap

What do spiders represent there is one outside my window and its been there for weeks and it won't leave?

It represents that you don't clean your windows enough

Can you use water to clean a window?

Yes, most of the dirt that gets on windows can be washed off with water. If you happen to have splashed bacon grease on your window, you will also need soap.

What are slider windows?

Sliding Windows generally slide horizontally to create ventilation that extends to the full height of the windows. These windows are composed of one stationary sash and one sash that glides to the right or left. The operating sash slides on rollers and can be removed easily, so you can clean the glass. Some vinyl Sliding Windows are also available with integral window trim or flush finish. The dual wall exterior fin covers the edge of the siding for a clean appearance. This window eliminates the need for exterior window trim.More on sliding windows is here.

What are three basic needs of mildew?

dead matter,clean air, and water