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A replacement roof for a 1931 Ford is available online.

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Q: What can you use to restore the exterior roof of a 1931 Ford. Also can you use Armorol on the rubber on the interior and exterior?
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I am looking at getting a 1931 Ford in good shape. Would like to know what products are available to condition the exterior roof and interior rubber and any ideas on conditioning the vehicle. I am new at this and have no idea.?

whoa...'31-yeah special; some of the 31 & 32's were canvas layered tops coated with a tar or (then)asphalt roof advice is simply to grab several library mags on restoration and parts...there is available a conditioning material that does -to a limited extent -restore these 31-32 tops but probably best to replace because the edge sealant and ploughed oaken edge piece is shot///that is what fails first ,last and always//best Try simple green to get it clean and WD-40 for the rubber.

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