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A FAST wizard disk, Windows XP Professional installation CD

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Q: What can you use to transfer a user's files and settings from an older windows computer to a windows xp computer?
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What does Windows Easy Transfer do to prevent problems with a Windows Vista Setup?

Nothing. This program simply collects files and settings on your old computer and puts them on your new computer. Windows Easy Transfer is a feature of Windows Vista that allows you to transfer files and settings from one Windows computer to another. Using Windows Easy Transfer, you can transfer most of your files, programs and settings to your new computer.

Where files and settings are primarily stored when Windows Easy Transfer can migrate to a Windows 7 computer?

Transfer Page

What is a graphical utility suitable for migrating user settings and files from one computer at a time?

Windows Easy Transfer

What does windows 7 incorporates to migrate files and settings from a windows vista?

Windows Easy Transfer

Is used to remove your data files and personal desktop setting from computer to your new windows xp professional system?

Files and settings Transfer Wizard

What Windows 7 tool can you use to migrate user data and settings from a Windows Vista installation on one computer to the new Windows 7 installation on a different computer?

User State Migration Tool (USMT). Also for individuals or small organizations, use Windows Easy Transfer and Files and Settings Transfer Wizard in Windows XP.

What utility can you use in windows xp to transfer internet explorer outlook express settings desktop settings the my documents folder dial-up connections and display settings to your new computer?

The Files and Setting Transfer Wizard utility

How do you transfer system settings from one computer to another?

Run the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard under Accessories - System Tools.

What windows XP utility can you use to transfer user files and preferences from one computer to another?

Start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->File and Settings Transfer Wizard

What operating system can windows easy transfer migrate user settings and files from?

Windows 2000 Professional, XP and Vista

How do you transfer files and programs from an xp computer to a vista computer?

You have to download Windows Easy Transfer onto the XP machine and gather your files that way. Windows Easy Transfer comes with Vista. If you run it, it will give you instructions on how to proceed.

Which enables you to migrate files and settings from a Windows XP system to a Windows Vista system via a network connection?

easy transfer

What does Windows 7 incorporate to enable you to migrate files and settings from Windows Vista?

WINDOWS EASY TRANSFER -- IS THE ANSWER.. not UPGRADE COMPANION... because I just got it wrong. The correct answer again is WINDOWS EASY TRANSFER.

Can you transfer nook files to a computer?

You can transfer you Nook files to your computer.

Are default settings for the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard to grab nearly every file that is not native to the Windows OS or installed applications?


How do you transfer files from Windows 98 to Windows Vista?

There are several possible methods: 1. Burn a CD on the Windows 98 computer with the files you want to transfer. 2. Purchase a USB Flash drive and drag files from the Windows 98 computer onto it. Then plug the drive into the Vista computer and drag them back. 3. Share a folder over a network connection. 4. Use floppies.

Which methods can you use to place user setting from a previous operating system to windows 7?

Try using "Windows Easy transfer". It allows to transfer files and settings from one system to another one.

What is the purpose of Windows Easy Transfer?

The purpose of the computing software Windows Easy Transfer is to move files from a Windows Vista system to Windows 7. One can transfer files, music and pictures, for example.

What is the use of registry on a computer?

In a Windows-based computer, the system registry is a place designed for storing all of the settings within Windows and the applications. It is a collection of very important files that Windows needs to even boot. They store where everything is, all the settings, etc. Not all programs are compliant with the registry and may store their settings in private files. The registry was designed for getting away from all the settings file clutter and for having a common place for all settings for every application you use. Windows 3.1 used INI files, and while most versions of Windows will use them, the preferred place is the registry.

How do you transfer family tree maker to new computer?

Microsoft has a utility called "FAST" (Files And Settings Transfer) that will help you move your files to a new computer. You will need an external hard drive or large thumb drive. The easiest way to transfer files for a program like Family Tree Maker is to install the program on the new computer, then copy the entire installation folder from the old computer to the new computer, over-writing the files that are there.

How do you transfer video songs from computer to Sony ericsson j20i?

I dont know with other windows, but I easily transfer files between my computer to Sony Ericsson J20i Hazel without any software because my computer use windows 7.

What enables you to migrate files and settings from a Window XP system to a Window Vista system via a network connection?

Easy Transfer allows you to migrate files from Windows XP to Windows Vista via a network connection.

Explain the purpose of the USMT utility and list the three steps needed to us it?

User State Migration Tool (USMT) is used to transfer user files and folders, display properties, taskbar options, and browser and e-mail settings form a Windows 9x/Me or Windows NT/2000/XP computer. 1. Use a windows XP computer to create a disk that contains the files and settings Transfer wizard. This PC does not need to be the same PC that will later receive that transfer. 2. Use the disk on the source computer (the user's old PC) to run the wizard and copy the user state to a server hard drive or removable media such as a ZIP drive. 3. On the destination computer (new computer), use the wizard to transfer user state to this computer.

Can you transfer programs from laptop to laptop?

no unless you install the program on a shared folder and connect to it over the network. Another but easy way is to use a computer files mover to help you. In this case, you can directly copy your files,software,games and settings to another computer without reinstalling

Is it possible to transfer files between a tablet and a computer with blu etooth?

You can transfer files between a tablet and a computer with Bluetooth.