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Q: What cannot be used for signaling the intensity of a stimulus?
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How does the intensity of a stimulus be passed along in a single nerve cell?

I used to be an adventurer like you before I took an arrow to the knee

What is the stimulus for christopher bruces swan song?

Amnesty international was a main stimulus used. Also a novel 'A man' is used as a stimulus.

What are gas alarm pistols used for?


What instrument measures the intensity of a tornado?

In some cases, Doppler radar is used to measure winds inside a tornado. However, as these measurements are rare and cannot scan ground-level winds, they are not used in ratings. The intensity rating is determined based on analysis of damage.

What comminication technique can be used beyond the captivity environment?


What was a trumpet used for in ancient times?

it was for pronouncing , signaling and proclaiming

Is sunlight a reaction to stimulus?

A response.

Is a glycoprotein a type of peripheral protein that can be used as a receptor or in enzymatic functions?

it binds with several signaling molecules as it has shape that is complementary to signaling molecules.

Is there a scale used to measure the intensity of a heat wave?

is there a scale used to measure the intensity of heat wave

Is stimulus plural or singular?

The noun stimulus is singular. The plural is stimuli - as in "The patient did not respond, even to repeated stimuli". Note that 'stimulus' is becoming increasingly used as an adjective - stimulus measures, a stimulus package - since the credit crunch of 2009.

Why solar cookers cannot be used for frying or making chapatis?

The intensity of heat (fire) needed for frying or making chapatis is not available in solar cookers.

What describes how the talk test is used to check exercise intensity?

If you are so out of breath that you cannot talk while exercising, your exercise level is too intense.