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Q: What car do Sears x cargo fit on?
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Where can you find instructions to install a Sears X-cargo car carrier?

You can find the installation instructions for a Sears cargo car carrier at your local Sears store. The cargo carrier instructions can also be found on the Sears website.

Need model number for sears 1980 x-cargo car top carrier?

I bought a used x-cargo in 1990 with a model # 300-7261. I hope that is helpful.

Can the lock assembly on your x-cargo car carrier made by sears be replaced?

No But a key can be made at a locksmith shop.

Does Thule make Sears x-cargo?

I recently purchased the Sears X-cargo 20 ( model #72020). Sure enough, shipping label indicate point of origin as a Thule facility.

How do you find a replacement key for a Sears x-Cargo car top carrier?

I have an x-cargo carrier and lost the key. After much research I am sitting here with a new lockset in front of me. Here's what you can do. Contact Sears and ask for part number 92500. With shipping it cost me less than $20

How do you attach x-cargo without car roof rails?

The x-cargo I have has straps that attach to the luggage rack.

I have an early 90's sears x-cargo carrier model 300.72501 and I need the front clip that secures the two halves. does not list this model anymore. Where can I find this part?

I have a Sears X Cargo 300.72501 and would like to sell it. Where are you from?

How do you find a sears x-cargo owners manual?

There is an instruction manual on the Sears PartsNow website. Here is the URL to it.

How do I find replacement parts for sears x-cargo car top carrier?

Inside the unit middle bottom area is a label specifying the use of Sears model # 300.7260. Go to website: Mine said model 300.7261; but it does not exist. Hope this helps. Dave H.

On Microsoft Flight Simulator X how do you drop cargo?

To drop cargo in Microsoft Flight Simulator X press "O".

What size are the speakers in Ford Taurus x 2009?

6x8. Check out, they have the answer to what will fit where in your car.

How much does the steam locomotive weigh?

they weigh x+(c*m), x is how much the locomotive weighs, c is what the cargo is, m is how much of that cargo it has

How fit are you?

very fit x

Can a 5 x 115 bolt pattern fit a 08 accord?

no because its a different nut for a different car

How many 12 inch x 12 inch x 20 inch boxes would fill a cargo container?

ANSWER It is strongly depends on your cargo container dimensions :)

What are the release dates for Clutch Cargo - 1959 Big X 1-52?

Clutch Cargo - 1959 Big X 1-52 was released on: USA: 1959

Will bolt pattern 5 x 115 fit 5 x 120?

No, it will not fit.

How do you install a Sears Sport SV 20 cargo carrier?

You can get a replacement manul from Sears Parts at 800-366-7278 and refer to type Sport 20-SV and model #300-72000. hope this helps! Sears is migrating from the SportRack manufacturer to Thule. I had much difficulty finding the model number on the cargo box and was lost without it. Then I went to a local Sears store and found a helpful associate. They are also migrating to a "U BOLT" type of system instead of the system that came with the carrier a few years ago. This had 2 carriage bolts, 2 metal plates, 2 metal/plastic wing nuts and a quick release metal slide for EACH of the 4 attachment points. If you want THIS part, try the following information: SPORTRACK MODEL: 28-7216 Part# 92511. I purchased the 'last one' at my local sears for $20. **Visit and go to Catalog, then Cargo, then Roof Boxes. Choose Aero 1600 then click the Installation Guide. It has the same installation kit that came with my Sport 20 SV a few years ago. Took me forever to find instructions so I wanted to share! !** I just went through a lot of work to locate the "U-bolt kit" that you need to attach the box to your roofrack (e.g., Yakima or Thule rack). Sportrack, a Canadian company, was bought out by Thule, so the phone number to Sportrack is answered by Thule -- but after about a 45 minute hold. They said their internal number for the "U-bolt kit" is #05593, and they sell it for $25 + $6 + tax (US dollars). They said the kit is actively distributed, so I might be able to find it through a local dealer. In that case, I need to use the model number "A117" *OR* 90490. They said they also distribute through Sears, and with Sears the number is "7216". I just tried Sears's online catalog, as well as their parts catalog, and 7216 does not come up. But I called a Sears auto center and they said they do carry the "7216" but they are out of stock at the moment. Actually -- I called Sears 800 number, they had to pass me up to a 2nd level service, They said it doesn't appear to be distributed to their stores -- i.e., mail order only. Addendum: I called another Sears Auto Center and they had the 7216 in stock: "Rood Rack Mounting Universal Quick Release Kit" Sears part number 028-07216 Sears model number 92511 $19.99 Fits X-Cargo X-Treme 300.42016, X-Cargo Sport 20-SV 300.72000 X-Cargo Sport 20 300.72020 X-cargo 300.7271

Installation of X-Cargo Sport 20 Car Top Carrier I only have side rails do I need cross rails If so does it come with them?

Yes, you do need cross bars

Will a 2002 4 x 4 Chevy fit on a car hauler?

Which model of Chevy? Huge difference between an S10 and a Top Kick.

Will a 18 X 9.5 wheel fit a 1968 dodge coronet?

you can fit a 10" wide wheel under the back of the car with the proper back spacing but not sure if an 18" tall wheel will fit without raising the body some.

Would rims with a 5 x 115 bolt pattern and 20 plus offset fit on a 2001 SS Monte Carlo?

this should fit. as long as the calipers have clearance. as that is the bolt pattern for that particular car.

If a car has 75 cubic feet of cargo space how wide is it?

You can't tell. There are an infinite number of boxes with different dimensions that all have the same volume. Here are a few examples of 75 cubic feet of volume: 1 x 1 x 75 1 x 3 x 25 5 x 5 x 3 1 x 15 x 5 5 x 2 x 7.5

How do you fix a broken hinge on x-cargo sport-20?

Order it from e-trailer

I have a 6hp Front Sears Tiller Looking for tires and rims that will fit. size 13 X 5-6?

If Sears doesn't have the tires, or they are too pricey, try your local independent lawn mower sales and repair shops. You could also try Ace and similar stores, or even a local trailer tire shop.