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That is subjective. What is comfortable to you or me may not be comfortable to others. In most case the more expensive the vehicle the more comfortable the seats.

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Q: What car has the most cofortable seats?
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What are the most comfortable car seats?

Brett's tank seats.

Which car has the most seats in the world?

it is renult trafic it has 9 seats

What is the most amount of seats in a car?


What are the most comfortable car seats in the world?

i believe the most comfortable car seats in the world are the seats from the Volvo S80 from '99 to '07.the new generation lost something.

Where do you get supplies for repairing car seats?

in most motor car shops .

What car has the most seats?

the town and country. It is a van

What are some of the regulations placed on car seats for a baby?

These regulations vary by state but most common regulations would be weight of the child and the fact that the car seats needs to be in the rear seats and not the front seats.

What car has the most comfortable seats?

Mercedes s class

What is the most expensive leather used in car seats?

Corinthin leather.

What is the number of seats in a smart car?

there are four seats in a small car

How many seats in touran car?

there are 9 seats in the car tronga

how do I remove mold from my car seats and carpets in car.?

how do I remove mold from my car seats and carpets in car.

When you are a passenger in a car is it considered safest for the seats to face in the direction of travel - rather than sideways or backwards?

The only seats that can be moved are child safety seats. And since most accidents are to the front of the car, the safest potion is facing backwards.

How do you get odors out of car seats?

You use some kind of car foam that gives a good scent and it cleans your car seats.

Name something you find on most trains?

Seats, Bathroom, Conductor, Wheels, Passengers, Cargo Car, Dining Car

Why do you have car seats?

To sit

Where can one purchase Mothercare car seats?

You can purchase Mothercare car seats online from the Mothercare website. Alternatively, you can also purchase these car seats from auction websites such as eBay.

Why are car seats leather?

Not all car seats are leather. Some people just prefer it, and get it as an option.

Can car seats go on the fold down seats in the back of a gmc sonoma pickup?

Yes, it is legal to put child car seats on the fold down seats in the back of a pickup truck. You should follow the same instructions on the car seat for these types of seats.

What car seats are best for tall people?

The car seats that are best for tall people are the ones that are adjustable. These seats should be able to adjust in height.

What is a Roosevelt seat in a car?

What was a Roosevelt seats in a car

How do you remove the backseat?

To be honest, it depends on the car. Most cars have a lever or switch that releases the seats.

What are pet car seats?

True to its title, pet car seats are exactly that - pet car seats. Used for the protection of small dogs and cats in lenghty car rides; pet car seats function the same way that a child's car seat functions. The main purpose of this nifty contraption is to protect you and your furry friend!

How can i change front seats of 1995 mercury grand marquis and i can't find seats?

Go to and you can find many many seats for this car

What are low seat backs in a car?

In older cars, most seats had a low back with adjustable headrests. Over time most have been replaced with high-back seats with no adjustable headrests.