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Q: What car is faster the Camaro or the Mustang?
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What car is faster camaro or the shelby mustang?

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 BY FAR!!

Is a 1969 mustang faster than a 2009 camaro?

Since there is no such thing as a 2009 Camaro, I would say then that the 1969 Mustang would be the faster car - at least by default

What is faster a 2012 mustang or a 2012 Camaro?

The 2012 mustang is faster. Even though the camaro has more hp the mustang is lighter and faster than the camaro and the charger / challenger.

What car is faster a camaro or a mustang?

all depends what engine is in each one.

V8 mustang or v8 Camaro faster?

Camaro V8 is much faster than any type of mustang

What is faster a mustang gt or Camero?

Depends on the years. In some years the Mustang was faster and some the Camaro was faster

Is the 2010 camaro faster then the 2010 mustang?

Yes, it is.

What is faster a mustang car or a mustang horse?

The Car

What is faster a 67 ford mustang or a 67 Camaro?

the camaro easily outran the mustang because even the smallest camaro engine the 327 outperformed the small mustangs 289. the camaro also came with a 350 so the mustang did not have a chance

Which is faster a v6 mustang or a v6 Camaro?

I would say the camaro depending on what year your talking about.

Is a lamborghini faster then a mustang?

mustang saleen is the worst speed demon compared to the camaro z6907i

Which car is faster the jeep or mustang?


Which is faster the 91 Camaro rs v8 or a 92 mustang?

There are many different kinds of camaros and mustang depending on the engine what one is faster

Who would win in a race the 2010 Chevy Camaro or the 2010 Ford Mustang?

Mustang would beat almost any muscle car by racing. Mustang has been known to beat the camaro. Motortrend has been doing tests and so has edmunds and Mustang has been beating the camaro since the 90s the new 5.0 mustang has been a huge popular car as one of the fasest mustang's and the camaro has been out of business since 2005-2009. Mustang's are a classic to ford and the mustang shelby gt500 2010 has been the fastest muscle car of the time. So if your looking for a muscle car pick the mustang!

Which is faster dodge srt-4 or a mustang gt?

Camaro z28

Can a 2012 Camaro beat a 2014 Mustang-?

It is possible that a 2012 Camaro could beat a 2014 Mustang. It will really depend on the motor in the car.

Is a 1995 3.4 v6 camaro faster then a 2000 3.8 v6 mustang?

The Mustang should have a slight edge

What is faster a 1992 Mustang GT or a 1992 Camaro Iroc Z?

A 1992 Camaro IROC-Z which has a maximum speed of 145 mph, is faster than the 1992 Mustang GT, which has a top speed of 129 mph.

What is the best 2010 car yet?

the 2010 mustang and camaro

Is a Camaro faster than a mustange boss?

Dependsspecifically on whatCamaroand Boss Mustang you're referring to

What is faster a mustang or a camaro?

Depends on a multitude of factors, need to be more specific.

Is the 2010 v8 camaro faster than the mustang kr?

Most likely

Which car is faster a Toyota Camry or Chevy Camaro?

chevy camaro

Which is faster Camaro ss or mustang saleen?

Believe Saleen as it has been modified while Camaro SS is a stock Vehicle

How fast can a Camaro go?

A camaro can go up to like 250 miles probley faster than a mustang but not a laborghini