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Henry VIII needed to built castles to defend England against a possible attack from France and Spain (who had signed a ten year truce) .Possible attack from France and Spain was imminant. he needed to defent the coast, particularly the south.

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How many castles did Henry VIII build?

Using high school books & videos it has showed that Henry VIII build around 55 castles/palaces all over Britain.

Who many castles did Henry VIII have?

Henry VIII had just over 60 castles

How many Castles did Henry VIII have?


Who lived in Norman castles?

king henry the viii

What castles did Henry seventh build?


What were the names of the castles Henry VIII lived in called?


What was Henry the VIII house like?

Grand. He didn't have a "house", he had castles.

What castles did King Henry VIII live in?

he lived in a concentric castle

What castle did King Henry VIII live in?

Being King, Henry VIII had a good choice of castles. He mainly lived in Hampton Court.

How many castles did King Henry VIII of England own?

55 castles. including hampton court

How many houses did Henry VIII own?

Henry VIII was one of the wealthiest kings in the history of England. He owned well over 60 castles, manors, and estates.

How much land did Henry viii own?

Henry VIII was one of richest kings in English history. He owned over 60 castles, estates, and manors along with thousands of acres of farmland.

How long did it take Henry VIII to build the castles?

King Henry VIII did not build castles (despite many of them having that incorrect title today) - he built artillery forts. These were a stage beyond castles, with artillery guns as the main weapon of defence backed up by early firearms. These forts were built in layers of squat, curved walls, each layer smaller than the one below (like a wedding cake), with gun ports facing in every direction. These forts, together with defensive earthworks and isolated blockhouses, were constructed in two phases: 1539 and 1544.

Which palace did Henry VIII build in surrey?

Henry VIII (1491 - 1547) had Nonsuch Palace built in Surrey, England. The building stood from 1538 to about 1683.

Did King Henry VIII build up his country?

Henry VIII filled his coffers with the spoils from his break with the Catholic Church and the following raiding of their monies and assets.

When were castles built?

The period in which castles were built started around 900 AD, and lasted into the 16th century, when people like Henry VIII of England were still building some.

Why did Henry viii build up such a large fleet of warships?

to protected his country

Why did Henry VIII love money?

To Break with Rome and to build a bigger army

What building did Henry VIII build in surrey?

King Henry VIII (1491 - 1547) had Nonsuch Palace built in Surrey, England. The palace building stood from 1538 to about 1683.

Why did Henry VIII build up the English navy?

Henry built up the navy because he wanted to defeat the Spanish.

Was Henry the VIII beheaded?

Henry VIII was not beheaded.

When did the normans start to build stone castles?

when did the normas build stone castles

What palace did Henry VIII build in surrey?

Nonsuch Palace was built near Epsom in the county of Surrey, England, by Henry VIII (1491 - 1547). The palace stood from 1538 to circa 1683.

What become of Catherine of Aragon after the divorce?

After the divorce of Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII she went to live in several dilapidated castles. She was sick for much of this time and in 1536, three years after Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn got married Catherine died of cancer.

Why is Henry VIII called Henry VIII?

VIII is eight in Roman Numerals - he was the eighth king named Henry. It is a convention to write monarchs names in the form "Henry VIII" and this is pronounced "Henry the eighth."

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