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Tigers, Jaguars and Lions:)

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bengal tigers

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Q: What cat lives in the rainforest?
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Is a margay a wild cat?

Yes, the Margay is a wild spotted nocturnal cat native to the Americas. It lives alone in remote areas of the rainforest.

What is a mosqitoe's shelter?

it lives in a rainforest? it lives in a rainforest?

What nocturnal animal beginning with O lives in the rainforest?

The oncilla is a small spotted nocturnal cat. It is found in the rainforests of Central and South America.

What is an animal that lives in the rainforest that starts z?

The Zodiac Moth lives in the rainforest. It is a large attractive moth species.

Where lives the Cockatoo?

Cockatoo's live in the Canopy in the Rainforest. what Rainforest, I have no clue

Is margay a pet?

Margay is an American wild cat not much bigger than a domestic cat with leopard colouring and markings. Found in the rainforests of central and s America. Felis wiedi

Does the yellow tailed woolly monkey live in the rainforest?

it lives in the Amazon rainforest

Where does a jacana come from?

the jacana lives in the rainforest or if you called it the canpoy which is like the rainforest.

What is a bird that lives in a rainforest?


Where a cobra lives?

african rainforest

What is a tree that lives in the amizon rainforest that lives near the river?


Why is the Toucan in the rainforest?

A toucan lives in a rainforest maybe because of the climate and of the food and prey