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What cause a nail to rust in water?

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The oxygen in the water reacts with the metal in the nail - forming metal oxide (rust)

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What rust nail faster?

tap water will rust it faster. tap water lets more oxygen get to the nail and should cause it to rust in a few hours after being put in the water

Can water rust a nail?

Yes, water will rust a nail.

Why does water cause a nail to rust?

Because of chemical reaction

What liquid can rust a nail the most?

Water and air in combination will rapidly cause iron to rust.

How do you rust a nail?

You rust a nail in either salt water or in vingar that what makes a nail rust

What will cause a nail to rust first?

Humidity ... damp air, water from rains.

What causes a nail to rust?

This is because of presence of water and air. A nail will not rust if there is no presence of air or water. If there is presence of water or air only, the nail would not rust. -CindyChan

Would a nail rust faster in salt water or tap water?

The nail will rust faster in salt water.

Does tap water rust a nail?

yes any liquid can rust a nail

What makes a nail rust in distilled water?

The dissolved oxygen in the water reacts with the nail to form rust.

What cause a nail to rust in soda?

The acidity of the soda accelerates the process, but the nail would rust in a glass of pure water as well. Rust is caused by oxygen in the air, but various other chemicals can catalyse that process.

Why the iron nail rust in water?

If the water is oxygenated, the nail will react because rust is Iron Oxide and for Rust to form you need not only Water but Oxygen as well.

Will a nail rust faster in soil or water?

A nail will rust faster in wet soil than water, but if the soil is not wet , the nail will rust faster in water. I hope this answers your question. Bye, Annette Pfohl

Why does iron nail not rust in distilled water?

An iron nail will rust slowly in distilled water when that water has dissolved oxygen. If you get rid of the oxygen by boiling and keep it from getting back in then the iron nail will not rust at all.

What is the best solution to rust a nail?

it would have to be salt water or vinegar or both to rust a steel nail

What water will rust a nail the fastest tap water salt water or distilled?

Distilled water will rust a nail faster as distilled water contains higher levels of OXYGEN which is what causes OXIDATION or commonly referred to as rust...

Why does a nail in water does not rust as fast as a nail in orange juice?

Orange juice contains acid , therefore it will rust the nail way before the water does as water does not contain acid. Hope this helps.

Why do nails in tap water rust faster than salt water?

First of all Nails in salt water rust quicker. That's because salt is sodium chloride and that affects a nail by rusting it.No i did a experiment on which one rust faster. After 5 days the nail in the tap water rusted way faster than the nail in the salt water. With DISTILLED water, the nail will not rust as fast as the salt. TAP water will rust faster then salt.

What water can make the nail rust the fastest?

Sea water can rust nails or other metals.

What would cause nails to rust?

Corrosion - h2o(water) and/or oxygen corrodes the nail slowly rusting and destroying it.

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