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vapor lock happens the fuel boils in the line, maybe the line is too close to the engine, try putting foil around it.

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Q: What cause engine lock?
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Causes of engine lock up?

The most common cause of engine lockup is a lack of oil. Also, an engine overheating from lack of coolant can cause an engine to lock up.

What would cause the dash lights to simultaneously turn on and the engine to lock up?

Major engine failure?

Could a broke timing chain cause a engine to lock up?


93 lexusES300 how to find out if engine lock?

you look if the owner out a lock on the engine

Can anti- lock-brakes cause engine problems?

Not that I have heard of. The aggressive application of brakes in any instance may cause wires or hoses to come loose on the engine though.

Would bad key lock cylinder cause engine to run poorly?

No. It either worked to start or it didn't.

Is it bad to run the ac with the engine turned off?

no but it can cause motor to lock up because no air flow

Will jumped timing cause the motor to seize 1998 Lexus ES300?

This engine (3.0L) is an interference engine so yes, the engine could lock up if the timing belt jumped.

Can no oil in the engine lock your engine?

yes, and it will cause it to overheat and parts will break, dont try it lol. you might make it a mile before your car is done

What is engine lock up?

When the engine can no longer rotate.

What are engine vapor lock symptoms?

dodge lancer vapor lock

Will a engine in a 2005 5.7 liter magnum lock up?

It could, any engine can "lock up" if not maintained properly.

Does fuel cut off cause brake lock or brake lock cause fuel cut off?


What will cause a chlorine lock in a swimming pool?

No such thing as chlorine lock.

What would cause the engine to cut out when it is hot?

The year, make, model and engine size would help us help you. In older vehicles (pre-fuel injection) vapor lock was an issue.

What is Hyper lock on an engine?

If you mean "hydro lock", that is when coolant enters the combustion chamber and prevents the engine from turning (water doesn't compress)

Cylinder is to Lock as Engine is to?


How does an engine lock up?

An engine can lock up on a number of reasons but mainly due to mechanical failure for example if the Timing belt snaps... etc...

Can the bearings in car ac make the engine lock up?

No, only the compressor will lock up.

How do you lock a dodge sprinter van while engine is running?

You have to lock it from the outside with an extra key.

1995 Lumina after transmission and engine are warmed up transmission will not engage in D After the engine and transmission cool down transmission will operate normally What could be the likey cause?

Does the torque converter lock? It should lock on both 3rd and 4th gear. How are the engine temperature and temp gauge? The 4T60-E requires decent temp information to run normally, othw it goes to "limp mode" and will not engage 4th nor lock. T

What could cause an engine to completely lock up can try and start and nothing happens?

Low or no oil and you seized the internal bearings Overheated and burned out the starter

What happens when gasoline overheats and boils inside the carborator bowl or fuel pump of a hot engine?

Vapor lock, will cause rough running and die outs.

How do you get a 1991 Dodge Spirit 3.0 V6 running It started to buck then killed right after?

Will the engine turn over at all... if it doesnt then it could be the lock up torque converter solenoid... if the engine will turn is the starter working properly, if it is then check for fuel and spark to further eliminate the problem. Ive disconnected my lock up torque converter solenoid just to pretty much get rid of it, cause its bad when they start going bad, locking up when they arent surpost to and kill the engine... they can cause the engine to buck around on you.

What can cause a power lock not to work on a 2002 Windstar?

Bad door lock actuator.