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What cause the US to entr world war 2?

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The bombing of Pearl Harbor.

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How did the US get in volved in World War 2?

What actually cause them to join the war was the attack on Pearl Harbor

Why did America cause World War 2?

Japan caused the US to get into the war not the other way around.

What were US fighting for in World War 1?

They did it not for what is right, but cause Germany annoyed them

How did Japan cause World War 2?

By bringing the US into the war (by bombing Pearl Harbor); that made it global.

How did the US policy of isolationism cause world war 2?

It didn't. The policy of the US to remain disinterested in the politics of the world overseas, or at least not to respond to others differences, was not a cause of WW2.

Did world war 2 cause depression in US economy?

No, World War II ended the depression. When the United States joined the war, many jobs were created.

Cause of the US entering World War 1?

Sinking of the U.S. vessel the Lusitania

What did hitler do to cause world war 2?

Ordered attacks against most of the nations in Europe, declared war on the US.

Why did the US restrict immigrants to enter US after World War 1?

i dont care but i think its cause were richer or something

What led to the us full involvement in World War 2?

The immediate cause was Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor. This caused the US to declare war on Japan, which led to Germany and Italy declaring war on the US.

Who did the us join in war world one and why?

Yu mean how* not who* & the us join the ww1 cause they wanted to become a world power & joinin world would defently help.

What caused the US to get in volved in World War 2?

The proximate cause was Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor (December 1941). Following that, the US declared war on Japan and, in response, Germany and Italy declared war on the US.

What incident cause the US to finally join World War 2?

The bombing of the US Naval base at Pearl Habour, Hawaii

Did the sinking of the Lusitana cause the US enter World War 2?

No.The sinking of the Lusitania caused the US to enter WW1.

Who gave us the Mexican cession?

the american war is wat cause the vilence in the world so i think its the spanish gave it us

What event cause the US to enter world war ll?

The Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor .

What cause the US to side with Britain during World War 1?

Suspicion of Germany's autocratic government

Why did the US aide China England and France in World War 2?

They were under attack by Axis Powers. Until the US entered the war, with cause, that was the only legal thing to do.

What was the immediate cause of the US entry into World War 1?

the sinking of the Lusitania. Actually, the Lusitania went down in 1915. The US went to war in 1917. The Zimmermann Telegram was what actually brought them into the war.

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