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The Bombing of Pearl Harbor

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How did the US get in volved in World War 2?

What actually cause them to join the war was the attack on Pearl Harbor

Who did the us join in war world one and why?

Yu mean how* not who* & the us join the ww1 cause they wanted to become a world power & joinin world would defently help.

What incident cause the US to finally join World War 2?

The bombing of the US Naval base at Pearl Habour, Hawaii

When the US join World War 1?

They joined the war in 1917.

What threat encouraged the us to join the allies in World War I?

what threat encouraged the United States to join the allies in world war 1

When the us join the world war 2?

The 8th of December 1941 was the date that the US joined world war 2

What was the cause for US entering world war 2?

Can't Believe you don't know this but. The Attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese caused the US to join WW2

When were women in the US allowed to join the war effort?

a cause they were discrimnated against

What cause us to join World War II?

The surprise Japanese attack upon Pearl harbor , Hawaii December 7, 1941 .

Was propaganda an effective tool for the US in World War I?

well it was effective in getting the US to join the war. propaganda is spreading ideas that support a cause or hurt an opposing cause, and when Americans used propaganda, it pushed the US onto the Allies side and against the Germans

Why and when did the US join World War 1?

The us joined ww1 in the year of 1917.

Why did the US join World War 2 late?

Because it was not until the US Fleet was attacked at Pearl Harbor that the US had just cause to declare war.The united states didnt want to get involbed so the stayed neutral

Why did the us decide not to join war in 1914?

did us join war in1914 yes or no

How did US join the 2nd World War?

It joined by declaring war after the Japanese Attack on the US Fleet at Pearl Harbor.

Who did US join in World War 2?

The United States of America joined the Allied Nations in World War II.

What were the the reasons for the US not to join the league of nations?

they were afraid that it would cause another foriegn war

What made the US join world war 2?

bombing of Pearl Harbor

Why did the us eventually join the world war 2?

Japan attacked us at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

What was the cause that caused the US to join world war 1?

There were many causes, but the main immediate ones were the zimmereman telegraph, the unrestricted German warfare, and the Russian revolution.

When did the US join the world war 11?

your moma your daddy your bald headed granny

Who provoked US to join World War 2?

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

What led the US to join World War 2?

The bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese

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