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She was a beutiful woman who was cursed and turned into a Gorgon.

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What are synonyms of a person who is mean-spirited?

A person who is mean spirited may be called:cruela bullyvillainouseviltyrannical

How do you use mean-spirited in a sentence?

Some jokes are funny, but his were just mean-spirited.

What does the name 'Medusa' mean?

Medusa means "queen" or "guardian".

Was Marie Antoinette mean?

There is no historical evidence that she was mean spirited.

What is another word for mean-spirited?

Some of them are: ungenerous, uncharitable, harsh, mean, unkind, cruel, uncaring, spiteful, nasty, heartless and malicious.

Why was Marie Antoinette so mean?

There is no historical evidence that she was mean spirited.

What does spirited mean?

Spirited means having enthusiasm or determination. This is being full of energy and highly motivated about something that is about to happen.

What does dashing mean?

Audacious, gallant, spirited or showy.

What does congenial mean?

High-spirited or pleasing temperment.

What means the same thing as quiet?

the answer is mean spirited

What does the name Armand mean?

French for Public Spirited :) Dezzie :)

What does medusa name mean in latin?

Medusa is not a Latin name; it is Greek and it's meaning is "queen" or "guardian".

What is mean Representative Domocracy?

democratic ambassadors that are cruel spirited people.

Why are Most Republicans are mean spirited?

because they think they can do what ever they like

How do you spell spirited?

Spirited is the correct spelling.

What caused george to stop playing mean-spirited jokes on Lennie?

because to lennie his jokes didnt have an end. like it was serious to him, he would do what george would tell him to do even if it able to kill him

How did hurcules kill Medusa?

I assume you mean Hercules/Heracles. Hercules didn't kill Medusa---Perseus did. Perseus killed Medusa by looking into a mirror to avoid Medusa's gaze and killed her.

What does it mean when a guy calls a girl a minx?

A minx is a flirtatious girl who is spirited and a little bit mean.

What does Medusa mean?

Medusa doesn't mean anything she is a woman who has snakes as hair and is said to curse any one who looks into her eyes by turning them into stone.Medusa's name in Greek means guardian or protectress. But when someone calls another person a medusa, that is an insult similar to calling someone an evil person.Another answerRobert Graves, in the Greek Myths, gives the etymology of Medusa to mean cunning.

What is the duration of Spirited?

The duration of Spirited is 3600.0 seconds.

Would medusa turn zombies to stone?

Only if the zombie could see her... if they didn't have eyes, or were blind, they wouldn't. The myth tells us that locking gazes with Medusa is what caused the curse of stone.

What does the name hall mean?

the name Hall means polite free spirited person

What does allegro vigoroso mean?

I would go with "Fast, and with Vigor". A very spirited uptempo.

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