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What caused the earth to spin on its axis 5 billion years age?


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When a Mars-sized object hit the Earth.

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21,000-26,000 years, caused by wobble of earth about its axis.

It is a result of the way the earth is tilted on its axis

Quite a few since it's been around for 6+ billion years.

The Rotation of Earth on its axis

the rotation of Earth on its axis.

If you meant "Are the days and nights caused by the earth spinning on it's axis?" then yes, they are.

seasons are caused by the rotation of earth on its axis

most scientists believed that the moon was a planet that crashed into earth and that may have caused it to tilt on its axis.

No; in 13,000 years, the precession of Earth will have changed the axis half a cycle (the full cycle is about 26,000 years), so that the position of the axis will be the opposite of what it is now.

Change of seasons is caused by the tilt of the earth's axis.

Copernicus' heliocentric (sun-centred) model showed that days were caused by the earth rotating on its axis, and that years were caused by the earth travelling around the sun.

Day and night is caused by the rotation of the earth about its axis. Seasons are caused by the axial tilt of the earth

The seasons are cause by the tilt of the axis of the Earth. The rotation about axis itself moves very little

It is caused by the earths tilt on its axis.

It takes the earth several thousand years to tilt on its axis. The actual number amount of years varies and is still unknown.

It is simply that the Earth, while orbiting round the Sun, has a bit of a wobble. It is this wobble that causes the tilting on its axis, so causing the seasons.

The distance from earth to Polaris is estimated at 430 light years, or roughly 2,527,841,000,000,000 miles (rounded to the nearest billion miles).

the earth spins on its axis changing the distances from the sun that's why our temperature and seasons change.

Perhaps that collision that caused the Moon to form, or collisions between the protoplanets which formed the Earth.

It is seasons caused, by Earth's tilt on its axis.

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The Earth isn't tilted "on its side"; the Earth's axis of rotation is at a 23.5 degree tilt to the plane of the ecliptic. There are many observed facts for which we do not know of any "reason"; this is one. The Earth is the way it is, and has been for 4+ billion years.

Using the definition of revolution around the sun - then as old as the Earth, or about 4.5 billion years. It is essentially unchanged since then. It's rotation around its axis (a day) started later (maybe a quarter of a billion years later) but is constantly slowing down.

If the earth was not tilted there would be no changes in seasons throughout the year. The change in seasons on the Earth is caused by the tilting of the Earth on its axis, and the Earth revolving around the Sun. The sun is not tilted.

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