What causes Peter Pan syndrome?

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Peter Pan syndrome is not listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, and is not recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as a mental disorder.
Don't know what has been said before. Peter Pan felt sadly unable to be accepted by the adult world. As a defense, he rejected what he perceived to be rejecting him. He would hide whenever adults would come on the scene so that he would avoid interacting with them. Adults presented the ongoing threat of the emotional pain of rejection. Peter was just fearful and insecure with feelings of inadequacy to an extreme and defended against this thru avoidance of the potential cause. A fear of failure when interacting with others that he perceived to be more capable and in control than he was. Peter Pan syndrome means an overwhelming fear of failure interacting with those perceived to be more adequate which is defended against thru avoidance, that is all.  
Peter Pan syndrome, a desire to remain young and not face the responsibilities of youth, is the natural result of anyone who had a good childhood. The naive security of youth is looked upon fondly as an ideal state of being. Although the "condition," which is really just a state of mind, has gained a negative connotation in quasi-psychological use, it is actually a normal part of the post-adolescent mindset. If, however, the Peter Pan is to completely shun adult responsibility to the detriment of happiness or relationships, he can be said to be a "victim" of this syndrome. For more, see www.evanbailyn.com.
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What is the Peter Pan Syndrome?

Answer . PETER PAN SYNDROME has been accepted in psychology and laypeople and, by some psychology professionals since the book "THE PETER PAN SYNDROME: MEN WHO HAVE NEVER GRO

Is alcoholism one of the reasons behind the Peter Pan Syndrome?

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How do you get rid of a small amount of Peter Pan syndrome?

Answer . If it's just a small amount of the Peter Pan syndrome then why get rid of it? Sometimes I wish I still had that magical part inside of me that I had as a child,

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Who is Peter pan?

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Is there a treatment for Peter Pan Syndrome?

Some of the recommendations for children with the "Edison" trait could pertain here....\n. \n. \nA child with the Edison trait needs to feel he's in control. He will accept

What is Peter pan about?

In the book and stage play by James Matthew Barrie; About a boy - a 4 or 5 years old, who ran away from home when he was just a baby, because his parents planned his future bu

Is there a cure for the Peter Pan syndrome?

Yes! Cowbell is the cure for peter pan syndrome. All you have to do is play the cowbell to the kid and their fish (if they don't have a fish get them one) and they will be cur
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What celebrity suffers from the Peter Pan Syndrome?

The Peter Pan Syndrome is a so called 'pop-psychology' term used to describe an adult who is socially immature. The one person who springs to mind is Michael Jackson, although
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What was Peter pan about?

In the book and stage play by James Matthew Barrie; About a boy - about 6 to 7 years old, who ran away from home when he was just a baby, because his parents planned his futur
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What are the signs of Peter Pan syndrome?

Nothing because its fake and you don't have to buy a fish, all it takes is a dumb person in the house and turn the fish into a fish stick, fish fillet, and fish sandwich.
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What causes Peter Pan Syndrome-?

Mental deficiencies or self esteem issues can be causes of the Peter Pan Syndrome. This syndrome exists when grown men act as children.