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Peter Pan syndrome is not listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, and is not recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as a mental disorder.

Don't know what has been said before. Peter Pan felt sadly unable to be accepted by the adult world. As a defense, he rejected what he perceived to be rejecting him. He would hide whenever adults would come on the scene so that he would avoid interacting with them. Adults presented the ongoing threat of the emotional pain of rejection. Peter was just fearful and insecure with feelings of inadequacy to an extreme and defended against this thru avoidance of the potential cause. A fear of failure when interacting with others that he perceived to be more capable and in control than he was. Peter Pan syndrome means an overwhelming fear of failure interacting with those perceived to be more adequate which is defended against thru avoidance, that is all.

Peter Pan syndrome, a desire to remain young and not face the responsibilities of youth, is the natural result of anyone who had a good childhood. The naive security of youth is looked upon fondly as an ideal state of being. Although the "condition," which is really just a state of mind, has gained a negative connotation in quasi-psychological use, it is actually a normal part of the post-adolescent mindset. If, however, the Peter Pan is to completely shun adult responsibility to the detriment of happiness or relationships, he can be said to be a "victim" of this syndrome. For more, see

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Mental deficiencies or self esteem issues can be causes of the Peter Pan Syndrome. This syndrome exists when grown men act as children.

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Q: What causes Peter Pan Syndrome-?
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When was Le syndrome de Peter Pan created?

Le syndrome de Peter Pan was created on 2011-06-20.

Do Peter Pan Syndrome and narcissism go hand in hand?

Virtually the same thing.

What are some symptoms of the Peter Pan syndrome?

not growing up or refusing to take responsibility as an adult

What celebrity suffers from the Peter Pan Syndrome?

The Peter Pan Syndrome is a so called 'pop-psychology' term used to describe an adult who is socially immature.The one person who springs to mind is Michael Jackson, although no doubt, there are others out there that this could apply to.

Does Justin Bieber have Peter Pan diese?

Justin Bieber does not have the Peter Pan syndrome is a disorder in which a man is unable to grow into maturity. Justin Bieber just has good genes which is why he looks youthful.

How do you get rid of a small amount of Peter Pan syndrome?

If it's just a small amount of the Peter Pan syndrome then why get rid of it? Sometimes I wish I still had that magical part inside of me that I had as a child, but after years of reality shoved up my nose (and most people are like this) we forget to maintain that magical child-like part of us that can make life more fun and it can be passed onto your children and grandchildren. If this little bit of Peter Pan syndrome isn't hurting anyone then be thankful you either have it or that you are around someone that does.

What you mean by peterpan syndrome?

What is meant by Peter Pan Syndrome is an unwillingness to grow up and act one's age. It basically means that a person has the body of an adult but the mentality of a child.

How can you have a relationship with a Peter Pan male?

Sometimes people with the 'Peter Pan syndrome' can be charming and enlightening and keep one young and fresh thinking, but if they never grow up and you are taking on all the responsibility then the relationship simply won't work out.

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