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Q: What causes a 13 year old boy's feet to turn blue?
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What causes a nose to turn blue?


What causes an onion to turn blue?

Blue food coloring. .

Why do fingers and feet turn blue in the elderly?

Fingers and feet turn blue in the elderly because these individuals have poor circulation. The blue color is the effect of the area becoming cold.

Why does 4 into 1 exhaust turn blue?

The exhaust is stainless steel. Heat causes stainless steel to turn blue.

Why don't your feet turn red when you are standing?

because there blue

In which of earth's atmosphere does the sky turn from blue to black?

100,000 feet.

Why do your feet turn blue-purple?

Your feet turn blue-purple when they do not get enough blood flow or when they are lacking circulation or some times they are cold the best thing to do is rub them or run them under warm water.

How long after death does feet and hands turn blue?

not just the hands and feet but the whole body

What causes cobalt sulfate to turn blue with the addition of NaOH?

Probably the formation of the blue form of the hydroxide Co(OH)2.

Why hands and feet tingle and turn blue?

Sounds rather like poor circulation. Lack of oxygen in the feet (or elsewhere) could cause cyanosis, and that makes the skin look blue. When the blood supply has been cut off from, say, the feet, and then returns, tingling is sometimes felt.

What causes red bumps on hands and feet they start out purple the they turn red?

A Rash, Hives, Or an Infection.

What causes black dyed hair to turn green?

Bleaching you hair because black dye has alot of blue in it. Yellow and blue makes green.