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What causes a 1996 Neon with 106K Km to hesitate from the start when cold?

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2006-01-24 00:30:26
2006-01-24 00:30:26

We have a 2002 Neon Doug and she was doing the very same thing, so I took her into the garage and they told me that the fuel injectors were badly plugged up. Had them flushed or whatever it is they call it, and no more hesistant starts, or jerky takeoffs..Hope this might help you out. Good Luck! Often times caused by a bad spark plug or plug wire. To check wires try spray mist water over wires at night and see if there are sparks. If yes, you need to replace wires. As for the plugs, remove and inspect, I've seen quite a few that had cracks in the porclean. Good Luck!

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