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reverse is the largest gear in a trany therefore requiring more fluid, if you are having this problem i would sujest fixing it soon because the rest of the gears will go out one by one. if its an automatic it probably be the pump.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-08 02:36:02
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Q: What causes a 98 neon to shake violently when put in reverse?
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Why would a 95 dodge neon shake when put in reverse?

Low trans fluid or bad transm.

What fuse powers the reverse lights on a 2000 dodge neon?

It's most likely the reverse/neutral safety switch located on your transmission

Does neon gas cause light pollution?

Light is what causes light pollution. Neon by itself won't do a thing unless used in a lit neon sign.

What is ph of neon molecule?

Neon is a monatomic gas, it dissovles slightly in water but causes no change to the pH as it is completely inert.

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Neon itself is a gas, and is not shiny. However, when it is condensed, and an electronic current is passed through it, the electrons in the atoms of Neon react to the energy. This causes the Neon to glow a vivid red colour.

1997 dodge neon it wont shift from 3rd to reverse?

i cannot shift from 3 to reverse my cable line for the shifting is disconnected and don't know where it suppose to go

Where is the reverse light switch on a 96 Neon SOHC 4-cylinder automatic?

It will be located on the transmission.

What causes a noble gas such as neon to emit colors?

a vacume tube and electricity.

How do you fix a 2000 Dodge Neon manual transmission that won't go into reverse but has all the other gears?

First check the linkage for the 2000 Dodge Neon transmission to make sure that it is fully going into reverse. If it is, then the transmission needs to be taken out and pulled apart to see what internal parts have failed, and how to fix it.

In a 1996 Plymouth Neon what causes the water to boil in the reservoir?

replace your radiator cap...

What causes overheating and no heat in a 1998 Plymouth neon?

lack of coolant, check for leaks.

Where can you find the reverse light switch on your 95 neon 5 speed you did not see any wires other than speedo on the trans?

It is on top of the transmission next to the shift cables. The switch should be hot while in reverse.

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How do you fix 97 dodge neon Reverse lights do not come on?

More than likely you will need to replace the backup light switch on the transmission case.

What causes the glowing of a neon light?

An electrical current is pushed through a tube full of one of the noble gasses(we periodic table of elements) and it causes the gas to glow.

Neon-20 and neon-22 are called?

Neon-20 and neon-22 are isotopes of neon.

How can you fix your neon if it wont reverse and will drive in neutral?

The transmission is messed up, try playing between neutral/reverse and drive, my old Hyundai excel did that and the transmission did a weird sound then went back OK, but not for long. Recommended to change it.

What causes a Runaway engine on 2000 neon?

A large intake manifold leak. Check the boot at the throttle body.

01 Dodge Neon manual transmission wont shift into reverse What causes this and how to fix?

It is most likely the shift cable bushings. The dealership only sells the cable assembly which is a little over $200. You can by stiffer, more durable urathane bushings for around $20 from JcWhitney. They are really easy to install.

How do you replace wheel cylinders on a 1998 Dodge Neon?

disconnect the brake hose then remove the 2 10mm bolts and its off install in reverse and bleed the line

1997 dodge neon will not go in reverse?

Your drive shaft probably snapped in a pivot you'll have to take it off and look at it that happens on derby cars alot..

Weird facts about neon?

Neon is neon! and neon is weird! There ya goo